My Hand Quilt Along Progress

Yes, I have some progress.  I am equally surprised.  I have been making a bunch of these flowers.  I started to get bored making them, so I started to put them together.  I have a “Grandma’s Flower Garden” quilt from my grandmother.  Mine is quite a bit louder than hers.  My background is yellow, hers was white and very fragile these days.  They were very well used.  I remember them being on the beds at her house.  I loved how heavy they felt when I slept under them.

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Happy New Year to you all.  I wish you all the best for the new year,
I am hopeful that 2019 will be a positive change for me.  I am looking forward to closing 2018.  It was a rough one.
What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,
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Treasure your Family

Hand Quilt Along- Dog Bones and Flowers

I missed the last post for the hand quilt along since I was sick, however some progress was made on hand items since I was just lying around.  There was also movie watching over the holidays.  I have to be doing something or the cookies and chips find their way into my mouth.  So the flowers are my swim team project.  While Haley is at swim practice and meets, I make the flowers.  The dog bones is my TV watching project.

So, for my EPP flowers, I recently learned something.  I purchased a hexie die for my papers (I use cardstock).  SInce I am n longer cutting them by hand and using my accucut, each one is perfect and it certainly makes a difference in how they go together.  I wasn’t having major difficulty, but it certainly made a difference.

So for my dog bone dresser scarf, I need it to be 54 inches.  I am only at about 38.  Ugh.  I will get there.  Since this is dresser scarf #4, I am sort of tired of it. WaterMark_2018-01-06-21-30-40

If you are interested in participating in the hand quilt along, please contact Kathy.

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Happy Sewing

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Better Quilting but tired of Dog Bones and One Monthly Goal

So I finished the piece that goes on my nightstand.  This is my third dog bones piece (only one more to go).  I am about tired of dog bones, but I think I will tough it out.  Last one is20170702_212547_resized for Kevin’s dresser.  Besides once I am done with this sit on the couch project I will have to come up with a new one (not involving dog bones this time).

So, my free motion quilting is getting better.  I know for sure that practice makes you better, but far from perfect.20170625_180455_resized

I don’t hate the quilting here and my dog bones have improved by the third one.

So, my One Monthly goal for July is to trim and border the black and tan quilt I just finished quilting.  I know, boring…..but it has to get done and The One monthly Goal is a good motivator.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure Your Family

Limited Progress Ho Hum…..

Well, I finished the topper for one nightstand.  Now I need to quilt it and get it on the 20170305_201141_resized_1nightstand.  Two more to go and all of the bedroom furniture will have some protection.  So, you can tell this one is not for my side of the bed, although, I love the dog bone fabric, and of course Ohio state.  The blue plaid is actually a cotton shirt that got a hole in it.  It was one of Kevin’s favorites (and mine), so I decided to cut it up and use it somewhere else.  Worked perfectly and was 100% cotton.  All though he did look at me like I was some kind of weirdo when I cut the arm off his shirt and started to use it for something other than a rag.

So nearing the completion of this piece, I watched a Jenny Doan video on English Paper Piecing and 20170305_201151_resized_1instead of sewing down the corners, they glued it.  Never thought of that and it saved a ton of time.  You can see here on the back how I 20170305_201202_resized_1sewed most of them and then started using my glue stick.  Looks the same on the front and once it is quilted, who is going to know?  Has me considering some other shapes for my “Sit on the couch” projects.

Made some progress on my “One Monthly goal for March”.  Need to make more. It is not going to bad.  About 20% complete.

Happy Quilting

Happy Sewing

Treasure Your Family