A Pre Y2K UFO…Yikes!

The only reason I know when this top was started is because I remember which house I was living in when I started.  This top was started before my daughter was born.  She is only twelve.

I think I started this quilt because I like the Asian inspired fabrics.  When I began to again work on this quilt I was concerned that it would not match up well, since way back then I was a fairly new quilter.  Not a new sewer, but a newer quilter.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was not to bad.

I had even purchased the fabric for the back long ago.  It sort of looks like bamboo leaves.  I still remember when I saw it and knew right away it would be perfect.  So, I am going to attempt to quilt a bamboo pattern on part of it.  I practiced for a while today and watched Leah Days video on this pattern, Bamboo Forest.

I have begin a page devoted to Uncle Donald Quilts.  I hope you visit it and make your own.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


14 thoughts on “A Pre Y2K UFO…Yikes!

  1. Fabulous! It’s going to be a great finish. I’m in awe that you still have it and the pieces! I have one older than that, but I have no idea where it, or the box of fabrics, is, so you win. =) Congratulations on your choice of quilting pattern, too!


  2. I have not been quilting as long as you, but I am trying to work thru my UFO’s. I took a lot of classes when I retired in 2012; and 4 years later, my project boxes are FULL. It is nice to re-look at a project you “put away”; and wonder if it has “aged” well. Glad to see this one of yours. It is lovely and I am sure you will do it justice. I know that my skills have improved greatly in the last 4 years and that when I pull some of my oldies out, I will ask myself “What was I thinking”. (I’ve checked off 2 this summer).


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