I managed to long arm something

Nothinig fancy, just some swirls, but I managed.

SO, this is a baby quilt for my nephew and his wife.  My nephew is a huge Star Wars fan and I found this great pink Star Wars fabric on Etsy.  Expensive, but super cute.

I don’t work well with deadlines, so this one creeped up on me.  I was faced with either

using my domestic or getting crazy and attempting it on my long arm.  Mission accomplished.  THere is still a lot to learn though.

Worked on it today and struggled with thread breaks, but I will get it.

I backed this quilt with fleece and made the star Wars logo’s out of the same fleece.20190922_183709

I hope they like it.


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting



Look what I got!

I got a Handi-Quilter Simply Sixteen and a little foot frame.  I am so excited.  I have wanted one for a long time, but I find it so hard to spend money on something I want.  I constantly think about the fact that I still have a child to educate blah blah blah.  The household consensus was “you really need to do something for you”.  SO, I got crazy and did.

It was super easy to set up. I was off practicing my quilting in no time.  The hardest part was adjusting the tension.

Now I am afraid to start on one of the many tops I have waiting.  I will have to bite the bullet and do it.  I think I will likely start with one of my ugly quilts.

More to come.

Tomorrow is that day.  The day I lost my sweet sister Kellie.  While it huts every day, that day is a reminder that I would rather not have.  I have to go to the office, which I am not sure is a good thing or a bad thing.  Hoping it keeps my mind occupied.  If nothing else, at least it will be just me, hiding in my office.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family