UFO’s – Yes I watch the UFO stories on TV, but I am not talking about those.  While I find them fascinating and interesting to look for, I also find it fun an interesting when I come upon a forgotten quilt project and drag it out of hibernation to give it another go around.  It is also sort of funny to see how my skills have progressed.  Either way, I vow to identify them all and bring them to the forefront of UFO hunting.



UFO #1.   – Started in 2003.  Why do I remember that because it was the year before my daughter was born.  Funny how you remember stuff.  See the blog post regarding the UFO with problems to see the full story.



Watermark636074068445059495UFO #2 – Wow, this is maybe 1998 start…  I remember which house I was living in when I started it, so that gives me a clue as to how old it is. This also turned out to be my One Monthly Goal Project.  Just need trimmed and binding.

COMPLETE 4/6/2017




UFO#3 –  This is a circa 1990’s quilt.  My quilting skill


s were totally questionable.  It is from leftover quilt that I made my mother.  I made another top because Mom was impressed with my quilts.  Was the first time I though she actually liked something I made.  So I will work on finishing this top in honor of her.  She is not here any longer, but I always think about her.

quilting done, my one monthly goal.