I find peace and relaxation on making things. I love to sew and cook. I consider myself frugal. Some might call it cheap. I make my living with Technology. I always have. I went to school and received an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Later I went on to get an MBA in Executive Management. While I make a very good living, it is not what I am passionate about.

I am a widow, twice. I am sure I am not the only one to be widowed twice prior to 50 years old, but I hope there are not many. I have one daughter and My late husband’s daughter. I have learned a lot on my journey through life. Things I never thought I would have to learn.
My grandmother sewed. She sewed a lot before she lost her sight. She made all my clothes for kindergarten. I wish I still had some of these clothes. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face. My grandmother, used to get sample fabrics in the mail from Blair’s clothing. She saved them for me and when I was at her house, I would sit at her sewing machine and just sew them into long strips. I guess that is where my love of quilting started without me even realizing it.