Better Quilting but tired of Dog Bones and One Monthly Goal

So I finished the piece that goes on my nightstand.  This is my third dog bones piece (only one more to go).  I am about tired of dog bones, but I think I will tough it out.  Last one is20170702_212547_resized for Kevin’s dresser.  Besides once I am done with this sit on the couch project I will have to come up with a new one (not involving dog bones this time).

So, my free motion quilting is getting better.  I know for sure that practice makes you better, but far from perfect.20170625_180455_resized

I don’t hate the quilting here and my dog bones have improved by the third one.

So, my One Monthly goal for July is to trim and border the black and tan quilt I just finished quilting.  I know, boring…..but it has to get done and The One monthly Goal is a good motivator.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure Your Family


16 thoughts on “Better Quilting but tired of Dog Bones and One Monthly Goal

  1. I love it! I would be tired of dog bones after the 3rd quilted one. Not the whole piece, just the 3rd bone! Then I would meander around the quilted bones, and call it done. but you stuck with it because you know what you want. That’s awesome! Ya know what? Dog bones themselves aren’t perfect. Each one is different, so if you think you’re not making them perfect, that’s only because you think they should be something they’re not. Therefore, your dog bones ARE perfect!

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