I Tried this out over the weekend. The results are good.

OK, so I tried out the freezer paper method for quilting.  The results are good, but there are a few things I would do differently.  So, I ironed on all my circle drawings to the whole piece.  I found this not the best approach.  So, with the all of the freezer paper over the entire quilt, I found it difficult to move the quilt around without crinkling and loosening the designs.  Plus, since I was making a complete circle for each one, I had to totally turn the quilt around on each piece.  That is a lot of turning and manipulating.  So, I took them all off and only put on those for the area I was directly working.  Once I did this, I did not have any more issues here.  So, I think that circles are hard.  I found that I had to go very slow, which is OK.  I also found that I could not quilt a circle with feed dogs down, but rather did a lot of pressure foot lifting.

So, you can see from my photo, that my quilted circle is not too bad.  It is not perfect, but I’ll take it.  The first one I attempted, I took out, but once I figured everything out, I was good to go.

So, I finally successfully used my knee pressure foot lifter (for the most part).  I find it very hard to remember to lift my foot before lifting the pressure foot with my knee.  I did eventually manage to coordinate this, but it took me getting everything in the right spot.  Then, I found it easier to quilt the circles.  I will continue this freezer paper method for this quilt and will likely use it again.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting



37 thoughts on “I Tried this out over the weekend. The results are good.

  1. Circle looks great, but I am just wondering – and I have not tried this, so it is not a critique – wouldn’t it be easier to cut perfect circles and stitch just around the outside? It might be easier to remove the paper circles and even reuse them. Just a thought and there probably is a reason you did not do that.

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  2. Hi Lori … I’ve done a few circles … but I quilt with my free motion quilting foot … I also make the circle out of multiple layers of masking tape (going in different directions – it sticks a little to the fabric and is re-usable. No twisting or manipulating of the quilt! However, using a regular foot or a walking foot would give you perfect stitches. But, I think that next time, I’ll try using freezer paper and sew around the outside of the circle. Great job!

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  3. Very interesting technique. I have quilted traced designs on “gold paper” which tears off easily after the stitching. However, the advantage of using freezer paper is that it can be ironed in place. Gold paper must be pinned in place.

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  4. I haven’t used this method. I have traced a circle on with disappearing ink. I used a saucer. Worked great. But had to work quickly before the ink disappeared.

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  5. Hi Lori,
    Your circle looks perfect! I use the knee-lift thingy and have yet to use my foot pedal. In fact, I plugged it in for the first time last weekend and it didn’t work (that reminds me!). I think the foot pedal would be much more helpful for FMQ but so far I’ve only used the start/stop button for sewing. I think going really slowly is the key for circles. ~smile~ Roseanne

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