RIP Pretty Batik and Black quilt

So, I wrote a post a while back about one of my UFO’s with issues.  Some of the blocks that had been stored in a zip-loc bag for an extended period of time (years) had sort of degraded.  It only seemed to affect the black fabric and it was only those that were stored in closed zipper bags.

I had lots of great suggestions on how to solve the problem.  I thought I could put it together and then just hang it up as a wall quilt.  This was to be my plan, which unfortunately fell apart (along with the quilt).  Dang it.  I put a couple of rows together without issue, however, when I went to sew the two rows together, my plan fell apart, literally.

So, when the first seam of a pinwheel came apart, I got this brilliant idea that I would 20170824_180903_resizedjust top stitch all the pinwheels down.  Nope, that did not work either.  Seem pulled apart anywhere there was stitching.  I knew it would never survive being quilted in any way even if I managed to get it all together.

So sadly, I had to say goodbye to this quilt.  There is no saving it. 20170824_181327_resized RIP.  There is a reasonable amount of the rainbow batik left.  Maybe I will make a small wall hanging version.  Who knows?

I know the big eclipse was last week, but I kept forgetting to post my 20170821_142659eclipse photo.  It was only when I put the eclipse glasses over my camera lens did I actually get photo that you could tell was an eclipse.


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting.

Stay Safe my Texas Friends


31 thoughts on “RIP Pretty Batik and Black quilt

  1. Oh no, that’s horrible! It was a beautiful quilt, I love the bright batiks on the black background. I have several UFO’s stored in zip lock baggies, maybe I should rethink storage options. Thanks for this blog post, it would have never occurred to me that they could cause damage!

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  2. This quilt had a lot of great potential! I have a bolt of black & lots of batik … now you’ve given me another idea for yet another quilt! (I don’t know whether to thank you or be annoyed with you! 🙂

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  3. Was the fabric letting go? Or did the thread deteriorate? Oxidation can happen, and some fabrics just need to breath. I am sorry this happened, but at the same time I am glad you are communicating it for the prevention of others.

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  4. Oh No! I’m sorry to hear of the loss. I loved that quilt. Such a lovely contrast with the black background and fabulous batiks. Just a suggestion, but I use pizza boxes instead of plastic bags to store my UFO’s and project pieces in. I love them because I can just write on the box what is in it in pencil (lanterns, spools, 2 1/2″ squares, etc.) and then erase and reuse for the next project. I just pulled a 10 year old (oops) UFO’s box out of the pile to finish it, and it is still in great shape. No degrading of fabric or threads. I was thrilled.

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