So Many Things to be Thankful for…especially Monnie and the Wool Coat Quilt

I often forget how lucky I am.  Sometimes, getting caught up in the day to day img_03301activities of life makes you forget a few very important things.

I am still here.  For this I am grateful.  I have a beautiful, healthy and smart twelve year old daughter.  I still have Miranda, which at one point in time not too long ago, I did not think I would.  She hobbles around the house today.  For this I am grateful, even when she gets on my last nerve.

I have Kevin, who in his very own way is a very kind man, who looks out for all of us.  He was most certainly my rock during Miranda’s accident.  Lately he takes care of me when I don’t feel so well.  Currently I struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dystonia.  They don’t go well together.  But, it will get sorted out, eventually.  Kevin son’s Bryce, who is cute as can be and such a helpful sweet boy.  I miss him when he is not with us, but grateful when he is.  I can’t imagine what it feels like not to have access to your child at all times.

I am grateful for my three sisters, even though we sometimes we get off track.  I am hoping to see them all at New Year’s this year, so we can work on getting things back to the way they used to be, or as close as we possibly can.

These photos are of a quilt that my sister Anke has.  It belonged to my Grandmotherimg_03321 Monnie (Uncle Donald’s sister).  She was one of my most favorite people and the reason I sew today.  This quilt is made of old wool coats.  Imagine how warm it is…  The history.  I wonder who wore all those old wool coats?

A big thank you to my sister for sending me the pictures.  I remembered seeing it, but it had been a long time and brings back the fondest memories of Monnie and reminds me of who I am.

At 52, I have already said goodbye to two husbands, both my parents and a couple of dear friends.  It is a lot.  Sometimes I think it is too much for me.  But then am I reminded of all those that are still in my life.  For this I am grateful.

Happy Quilting

Happy Sewing

Treasure your Family


Something for the Fur Babies

20161112_162030_resized_1My dogs usually tear off bandannas.  I think they are cute, but for whatever reason they come untied and I find them in the yard.  So, I decided to make some that slipped over their collar.  Super cute and easy.

My First model is Moka.  She was not happy about wearing the bandanna. Not sure why, It complemented her Ohio State collar and dog tags.  She wasn’t happy last Christmas when I put her in a holiday sweater either.  She rolled around on the floor for hours til she wiggled out of it.  She eventually found a way to get it in her mouth and I had to remove it before is got Mokaed (destroyed).

My second model is Snibble.  She liked her bandana.  Especially since it made our resident20161112_154733_resized_1 OSU fan happy (Kevin).  Snibble has been madly in love with him since she met him.  We are all OSU fans, but I have to say, Kevin is the only one that arranges the shirts in his drawer by: OSU Football, OSU Basketball, anything related to New York (that is where he is from) and misc.  Heaven forbid I put something in the wrong pile. LOL.


The lucky bandannas must have worked, because OSU won in a smashing victory and some of their top opponents fell also, which should make them rise in the polls.  Which makes everyone at my house happy.


Happy Quilting

Happy Sewing

Treasure your Family

Next Project Table Runner – Done

Love these colors.  will try to come up with ways to embellish.  This one is mine.

Everyone is still furiously working on projects.

Mystery Quilt revealed…

 Top is done.  It is oddly interesting.  I think if I would have known what it would look like I would have changed some of the colors around.  Better picture later  , maybe…

The Mystery quilt has begun

We arrived safely and  got right to piecing.  Lunch break involved some shopping.  There are so many stores to visit.  I like finding unique things I don’ find elsewhere. Not sure I like these fabrics together yet.  

Mystery Quilt – What will it be???

20161101_204316Well, I got everything cut as instructed.  I had most of this fabric in my stash, likely for years….  Had to buy a couple of accent pieces, that’s it.  I like lime green and teal together.  Hoping it turns out to be something awesome!  We shall see.

I managed to get all the sewing stuff packed, now just need my personal items.  Hope to get that done later, but the 7th game of the World Series is on, and I am from the Cleveland area.  Hoping Mom is watching from above.  She was a big Indians fan.  My sister Kellie better have that gold Wahoo that mom always wore, on tonight.

Next Post from the retreat.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family

Mystery quilt and packing….

So, I am trying to get back to my normal life.  My daughter is home from the hospital, which is great.  But, you do sort of trade one set of circumstances for another.  Glad not to be running to the hospital, but there is a lot to do having her home also.  This weekend is the Quilt Retreat.  It has been a while since I have been to one.  Part of me feels like I should be staying home and part of me can’t wait to go.  Kevin tells me I am going…… I have been gathering my things together in my new wheeled “I am going to a retreat” case.

Since this is a mystery quilt retreat, I have been spending 10 minutes here and there cutting out the pieces that I need.  I am done, need to label them and get them into bags all sorted.  I have never done a mystery quilt, so this is a new experience for me.  I used some fabrics that I had purchased previously and then purchased a couple other coordinating fabrics.  I will post photos as we go.

Now for the what to pack?….  Wine (check), Diet Pepsi (Check).  I am guessing I should consider a sewing machine and other supplies.  We will be leaving at 6am Friday morning, so I really need to be ready by Thursday night.  That should be a challenge.

We are staying at the Berlin Hotel and resort.  Since it has been so warm here, the trees are just starting to change, so it will be very beautiful.  Fall in Ohio tends to be very picturesque.  Can’t wait to go to one of my favorite shops , Millers Dry Goods and there is a shop hop going on.  WooHoo!