Hand Quilt Along- Dog Bones and Flowers

I missed the last post for the hand quilt along since I was sick, however some progress was made on hand items since I was just lying around.  There was also movie watching over the holidays.  I have to be doing something or the cookies and chips find their way into my mouth.  So the flowers are my swim team project.  While Haley is at swim practice and meets, I make the flowers.  The dog bones is my TV watching project.

So, for my EPP flowers, I recently learned something.  I purchased a hexie die for my papers (I use cardstock).  SInce I am n longer cutting them by hand and using my accucut, each one is perfect and it certainly makes a difference in how they go together.  I wasn’t having major difficulty, but it certainly made a difference.

So for my dog bone dresser scarf, I need it to be 54 inches.  I am only at about 38.  Ugh.  I will get there.  Since this is dresser scarf #4, I am sort of tired of it. WaterMark_2018-01-06-21-30-40

If you are interested in participating in the hand quilt along, please contact Kathy.

You can check out everyone’ progress at the following links.

KathyLoriMargaretKerryEmmaTracyDebConnieDeborah,  Susan , Jessisca  ,  Sherry,  NanetteSassy and Edith.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


23 thoughts on “Hand Quilt Along- Dog Bones and Flowers

  1. I love the flowers, so cheerful and Spring like. It sounds as if you are a bit hexied out but it looks like you are nearly there, anyway. I get tired of things part way through sometimes and I don’t know if it’s the repetitive nature of the pattern or the fact that what I am making doesn’t excite me enough.

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  2. The flowers are wonderful, and it’s so nice to have a potable project like that when you have to sit and wait. You are getting so close to finishing your dog bone project! If I were you, I would be dumping the flowers during swim to finish the dog bones just so I could be done!😆 I just want to finish when I get that close!

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  3. Those flowers are a real brighter for winter days, and the scarf is doggy cute! Maybe in the next update you’ll be able to proudly say you finished the top of the scarf.

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  4. Always nice to have a hand project to get you through all the waiting times. I’ll have to get out my HQAL project out when I watch TV to keep the cookies away – I usually have the computer on my lap but that frequently leaves one hand free! Love both your flowers and dog bones!

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