My one Monthly Goal in this crazy month

So, I finished my one Monthly goal and I don’t like it one bit.  O, my intent was to use this to practice my curved borders.  However, I got new rulers and got all excited about that and we have some pretty awful ruler work.  I thought about tearing it all out, but I just did not feel like it.  They are not all bad, but there are a couple that are pretty hideous, not to mention that for whatever reason my measuring skills were totally non-existent.  I will use it on my table.  Everyone always makes a big mess anyway…..It will blend in with the quilting.

This is the crazy birthday month.  All the kids’ birthdays are this month, along with my late mother, and my late husband, Derrick.  While I understand what everyone was doing that July before, I just do not understand why, myself included.  Fourth of July is really not that exciting.  So, the month has been getting gifts and making food and it is not over yet.  Still one tomorrow and Friday, Haley has some of her friends over.  Teenagers.  Great.  They will eat all the food, drink all the pop, and be super annoying.  Such is life being the parent of a teenager.

Due to all the crazy birthday stuff, I get little or nothing accomplished from a quilting perspective.  Add in there that I really miss my Mom and I have spent the month constantly thinking about Derrick and feeling a bit sorry for myself.   There have been numerous times that I just wanted to call Mom and talk to her about “things”.   Next month will be Dad’s birthday and I was totally a Daddy’s girl. Yeah.

Then there is the fact that, the first dead husbands brother died.  Haley wanted to see him before he passed.  I took her.  I had not seen these people in nearly 10 years.  It was stressful, but not nearly as awful as I had managed.  Sad that he is gone, I always really liked him.   At least he will have some good company.

Gosh, I sound depressing.  I don’t feel as bad as it sounds.  Sometimes, life just happens.  I need to get more sewing/quilting in and chase away the blues.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


35 thoughts on “My one Monthly Goal in this crazy month

  1. The joy of teenagers! A pretty quilt, and learning to use the rulers for quilting just has to count. Looks good! Wow busy birthday month, With tinges of sadness. Really a tribute to the people you miss.

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  2. Believe it or not, your post made me smile. Please don’t misunderstand: Not at your hardships, but I could hear each word with my own voice at different times in my own life…thank you for your honesty and relate-ability.
    As to that quilt… I’ll bet if you just fold it up and put it away for a few weeks, then re-look at it, you might find it’s not so bad!

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  3. Lori, you sound more wistful than sad, and that seems like a good place for this point in your life. Survive the teenagers…they can really be funny😆, and enjoy some quilt time. I think your table topper will be well used and serve its purpose quite well. Just remember how much fun you had learning and experimenting with those rulers. This will be the piece that shows you how far you’ve come, and how quickly you improved! Hugs to you!

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  4. So you did achieve a goal with this quilt………..quilt practice. Mistakes from which we learn are always okay and on the learning curve to higher goals. We always find the worst of our own errors but few others see. Here’s to happier days ahead.

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  5. Hi Lori,
    How great that you completed the March goal in spite of all the birthday and losses. I know how you feel about missing your mom – does that ever go away? I don’t think so. Mine has been gone for just about 8 years and I still think to call her often – the daily chat habit is a hard one to break. I’ll bet you will see parts of your mom in that teenager. {{Hugs}} Congrats on giving ruler a go!! Woot woot – I think it looks great. I’m just giving them a go as well. It’s a process. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  6. January was always the busy birthday month in my family, so
    I understand the lack of time to get anything else done. I hope you’ve been able to get some crafting time in, and that it helped to lift your spirits.

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  7. Sometimes we are our harshest critics. Enjoy your quilt. The talent, skill, and creativity you poured into this quilt is testimony of your artistry and should be acknowledged. We learn and grow with everything we do. Sorry for your loss. I appreciate your spirit and outlook.

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  8. You made me laugh with the comment about all of the July activities.

    This is a hard time of year, the end of a long hard winter, and with your added anniversaries of losses, no wonder you are somber. Your quilt is lovely, and it is a testament to your commitment to learning and betterment. I bet you learn to love it.

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