Asian Lanterns: One Monthly Goal for March

Watermark636074068445059495So, I was looking for something to help get me motivated to get something done.  I saw previous posts from Susan at Desertskyquilts and decided that joining the “One Monthly Goal”  might be a good motivational way to get things done.  I sort of feel like I have an assignment that I need to complete.  I will have to get my quilting ADD under control and actually try to finish a project.  So I picked a project that really needs done.
My intent is to finish the quilting on this quilt.  This was the quilt I was set to begin 20170222_200649_resized
quilting when my daughter Miranda had her Auto Accident.  So, it laid on my pool table, ready to go.  Then after everything, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Finally got it back out and now it just need to get done so I can put it behind me.  I actually like this quilt.  20170222_200641_resizedI am going to do some bamboo quilting that I learned by watching one of Leah Day’s quilting videos.  I did lots of practice drawing the bamboo and then on scraps.  I have to admit, it is a little different once I get it into my frame, but I think I can manage.

I hope to get the entire thing finished, but I will be happy and achieved success if I just get all the quilting done.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family


14 thoughts on “Asian Lanterns: One Monthly Goal for March

  1. It works better than trying to manage a large quilt without it. Takes all the weight away. The only bad thing is that your design is limited by the amount of throat and quilt you have. So, I can only do about 6 inches clear across. So a 12 inch design would not work. Still a great tool if you don’t have long arm. Fairly inexpensive.

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  2. Good luck accomplishing your March goal. I followed your link to Mirandas Journey. Wow, a mom’s worst nightmare. But you were very brace. I just can’t imagine. My best wishes for Mirandas continued recovery. Big hugs!

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