Fainéant, yes I am..My Hand Quilt Along and One Monthly Goal

Fainéant, means slacker in French.  Yes, I am one.  I totally meant to do my Hand Quilt Along post before and schedule it, but no, that did not happen.  It has just been an insane week at my house.  Kids and sports, spent the weekend with my sister, just non stop.  So I apologize to all my fellow hand quilters for being a Fainéant.  I felt I used the word Slacker to much, so I figured I needed a new term.  I am adding one more block to my underWaterMark_2018-06-03-20-09-20 the sea collection.  This month we have a whale.  I do have to tell you, my last months post brought some criticism form some Facebook followers (my sister mostly).  She insisted that my seahorses were farting.  I tried to explain that it was meant to be swirls of water, but no, according to her it was pretty clear.  Farting Seahorses.  Now I WaterMark_2018-06-16-21-26-44look at my seahorses in a little different light.  Darn it.

Please visit all the lovely ladies in the hand quilt along that are not Fainéants.

KathyMargaretKerryEmmaTracyDebConnieSusan,  NanetteSassy , EdithSharon and Bella.


So, for June my One Monthly goal was to complete the Star Wars  Quilt Top.  Mission Accomplished.  It needs some ironing, it kind looks all rumpled.  I think this will be a donation quilt.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting





34 thoughts on “Fainéant, yes I am..My Hand Quilt Along and One Monthly Goal

  1. Ha ha – ditto. With this hot weather and all the school events going on, I’m lagging a bit behind with my projects too!! I love hand quilting and plan to hand quilt my current project… that is, once I’ve finished cutting out all the pieces & sewing the blocks… it’ll probably be autumn when I get round to the quilting! Mel x

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  2. Hi Gail,
    I don’t agree with your sister at all and think your seahorses are cute. As is your whale! Summer is supposed to be slacker season, right?! You got many better offers that you had to take advantage of – that’s great!! Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. That is a very sweet image of the whale. I do not see the “farting” in the seahorses, I thought the swirls represented ocean currents. Your hand stitching looks great and no gaseous implications!

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