Happy Memorial Day and a finish

Happy Memorial Day and to all that serve(d), Thank you.  My father was in the Army Air Corp and my late husband Derrick was in the Army.  I miss them both dearly.  The army Air corp is what brought my parents together.  My father was stationed in Germany when he met my mother.  They are all awesome people to remember on this day.

I made this quilt for a lady I work with.  She is having a baby in July.  I love babies so anytime I can have an excuse to make something for a baby, I am going to do it.  I also think a lot of this person.  There has been only a couple of times I have met a young person and thought to myself, WOW, they have their act together.  This lady is one of them.  Super smart, knows what she wants personally and professionally and is not going to let anyone stand in her way.  She is having a boy and the nursery will be Ohio State (another reason to like her, LOL).

I needed to experiment with batting and minky after the last quilt I made without WaterMark_2019-05-22-12-53-07batting.  I like it much better with the batting.  This one has minky on the back.  It does not seem overly heavy, so I think I prefer it to have batting.

About Minky….  For me, there are good things and bad things about using this on the back.  You can see none of the quilting on the back.  In this case it is good, because I quilted the babies name into the quilt.  If you could see it on the back, it would be backwards.  Love how soft it is for the baby.

Something I did not like…For whatever reason, I found this very difficult to move while quilting.  My shoulders hurt for three days after I finished.  I thought it would move more easy.  Nope.  I have my slider that I put down and it works perfectly for every thing else I quilt, but this was crazy.  Maybe between the slider and Minky it was too slippery and did not move at all?  I have no idea.

I really like this patter (see previous post for link).  IT is quick and easy.  I think it is also a great way to practice new quilting designs.

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family


21 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day and a finish

  1. Hi Lori! I have yet to give Minky a try as a quilt backing. It seemed that everyone who used it at first raised the red flag, so I’ve avoided it. I can speak from the experience of a five-month-old great-niece – she would LOVE to have a quilt with Minky on the back. She just loves that soft texture. I think I’m going to have to expand my backing basis. HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. That is a fun pattern for a baby quilt. The colors are great, too, because red is a color that develops early for their sight. All of it will be easier to see than pastels would be. I don’t like how shreddy minky is. I’ve never used it in a quilt, and don’t have any plans to, so I can’t help with why it doesn’t slide. That’s odd, with the slider. The mother will love this!

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  3. Hi Lori!
    Have soreness after quilting is NO FUN!! I’ve used minkie on a few quilts and have had no problem with moving the quilt around. However, I found that if I forgot to lower my feed dogs, it didn’t move. Were yours up by any chance? Any how … I have used batting when using minkie and it seems to be fine and not too heavy!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

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