Sewing-Quilting and other nonsense…(some nonsense, some not)

July 3rd was the fifth anniversary of my Husband Derrick’s death.  That same day, I find fb_img_1503081791295.jpgthat my little sister Kellie has blood clots in her lungs and is in ICU. Two of my absolute favorite people.  Damn it.  Derrick was the love of my life.  I think about him every day. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of him, laugh, smile, shed a tear.  My little sister, my best friend, keeper of all my secrets.  Come on.

I went to Cleveland.  Things were bad.  They got worse.  I wondered at one point if we would lose her.  I could not bear the thought.  How could someone else I love be taken from me?  The list is quite lengthy for someone my age. I stayed for five days.  She got better, then worse, then better.  She got to leave the ICU the same evening I went home.  Here in the next couple of days she will go to a rehab hospital.  She does not want it, but knows she needs it.  Besides the blood clots, she had pneumonia and was septic.  Lots of things to recover from.  The picture was from Las Vegas. Derrick was playing in a pool tournament and Kellie and I needed an excuse to go to Las Vegas.  It was fun.  The best time with two of my favorite people.

This is my fall quilt along block.  I was done before I left for Cleveland, but never got to post it.  I had issues.  It does not look right.  I don’t know where I went wrong, but I am convinced the instructions did not match the example.   If you look at the top row and then the bottom example, they do not match (or I am crazy.  Either is possible) .  The one time I attempt to actually follow instruction and look what happens.  It is going to stay ugly for the time being.

One of my sewing machines is down.  Of course, it is the one in the cabinet that I quilt with.  I will try to drop it off this weekend.  Broke a needle and it kept making a weird noise.  I guess a piece could be stuck somewhere.  It needed cleaned anyway.  No quilting for me for now.  I will just have to work on piecing.

With all my personal craziness, I did not enter anything into the One Monthly Goal.  ☹.  Next month, maybe things will get back to normal.  A girl can hope.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family


42 thoughts on “Sewing-Quilting and other nonsense…(some nonsense, some not)

  1. I’m hoping your sister’s road to full recovery is speedy. Keep happy times in your thoughts of your husband and smile. That block does look a bit complicated. Sorry you have to fix it.

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  2. Oh Lori, I am glad that she is out of ICU. What a time for this to happen. This black cloud has to leave you – it has been a bad 4 months for you!
    Now for the block. The only thing I can guess is when you did the strips, etc.
    From experience, I would now just read a book, take a nap, and wait out the rest of the month, anything you touch as far as quilting, or creativity, will bomb. I know, it was that way from 2014-to May of this year because of deaths of children!
    Hang in there – read a good love story! Hugs, your partner in crime! I loved Las Vegas…..

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  3. I hope your sister continues on to a perfect recovery. Scary stuff. The quilt block is a mystery! I have spent time looking at it but can’t see how to make right. I guess you might or you might leave it!

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  4. Hi Lori,
    Oh my goodness. I am so sorry to hear about your sister. How incredibly scary. I am so glad to hear she got to go home. How is rehab going? {{{Hugs}}} a bunch for you, and I’ll add Kellie to my prayers. Your block can easily be fixed. It looks to me like the three HSTs on each side have the points going in the wrong direction. Does it really matter? Do you really care? See the darn thing to me and I’ll fix it for you. Seriously! I think this month just needs to be a wash – a take care of Lori month. Get your machine fixed, go visit Kellie, and just lay low if you can. And send me that darn block. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. Maris beat me to it – I was going to say that either the block or your photo had been mirrored. It still looks fine so why fret.
    I hope your sister recovers quickly. Sisters are precious.

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  6. What a difficult beginning of the month ~ positive continued healing thoughts for your sister and strength for you. Now for that block, lol, your right it looks a bit off kilter, actually it made me laugh, it looked funny – and maybe thats what you really needed something to look at that said ‘you need a good laugh and I’m it’ – it’s a great pattern, if at first you don’t succeed try try again 🙂

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  7. Oh I have been thinking about you this week, wondering if you are OK. I was going to email you tonight, and here’s your post. What a scare with your sis, but it sounds like she’s turned the corner? We’ll pray for her continued recovery to full health. Now how about you dear lady? Wish I could jus pop over with a cup of tea and a massage for you! Know that you are valued and loved! And that block, it took me three tries to figure out what didn’t match, so I say, if it doesn’t bother you leave it! That sun flower must be from SD, where the wind is always changing direction!

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  8. Hi! You’ve had a lot to deal with. Hope your sister is continuing to recover. I don’t think the block needs fixing! To my eye all you need to do is rotate it one turn to the left and it matches the picture in the instructions. 🙂 Either way it looks like a sunflower to me!

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  9. I get what your saying, my little brother and I was very close in relationship probably due to me being 12 years older. We lost him last year at the age of 41, pneumonia gone septic and didn’t find out till too late. Quilting has been my hobby and escape at times for so many years. That after he was gone for a while I just couldn’t do it. But one day I forced myself to pick it up. You see I had a new grand baby coming and I always made their quilt to bring them home in. I cried many tears at first and had to put my needle down because I couldn’t see. I kept thinking about how he will never see his only child come home from hospital in the quilt I made for her, she was born 4 months after we lost him. But once my tears stopped and I could see I picked it up and went back to work. Before long it became an escape again. The busier I’d got the more my mind drifted away from my pain. I still think if him every day and still cry at night even though it’s been over a year. But for that breaf time while I’m quilting my mind is clear and I feel some normalcy. We all cope in different ways but I pray that this gives you encouragement. Keep trying and one day it may be a joy again

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