Fat Girl Falls Down (come on laugh, I am talking about myself)

I though hard about my title.  Didn’t want to offend anyone, but I am talking about myself.  So, this past Saturday, I was taking my daughter to her “Power of the Pen” writing competition.  While they were scoring the essays, they put us all in a theater to watch a movie.  Haley and I went to the back so she could sit near her friends.  At some point I needed to answer my phone, the closest door was about 8 feet away at the back, so I decided to use that door.  Somehow I was now on a 1 and half foot platform in total darkness.  I didn’t step up onto anything when I sat down, but I certainly took a swan dive off this mysterious platform I never stepped up on.  My gut is always to protect my artificial knees, so I fell on…….my hands.  I hit the right one hard enough to bruise it clear to my elbow and open up and bleed.  My only saving grace…..it was so dark no one saw me.   I eventually had to go and have them x-rayed (I put it off as long as possible, but my bruises were scaring people at work).  Fortunately, nothing is broken.  I did compress all the bones in cartilage in my left had (not sure what that really means.  They used a big long medical name).  They put braces on both so they could heal (which I am). Oh, and I found a goose egg on my forehead.  I didn’t even realize I hit my head….Duh.

On a positive note, while Haley did not get a trophy, she is moving on to the semifinals at Wittenberg College.  I will make sure not to sit in dark theaters….or just watch where I am walking.

So, there has been very little quilting/sewing (actually none), which tends to lead to crankiness on my part.  I am thinking that I should be able to get back to it soon.  Ugh.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family

It’s dangerous to walk around in the dark


20 thoughts on “Fat Girl Falls Down (come on laugh, I am talking about myself)

  1. I am sorry you got hurt, but I did have to laugh at your description of the event ( and especially the advice at the bottom of your post!). Be safe, heal, and maybe LOOK through some quilting magazines to keep up your spirits!

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  2. Take care of those hands and get some hand therapy from a physiotherapist. I had a similar fall which damaged my left hand a couple of years ago and had a year of treatment. Sorry to say I still have pain occasionally which will probably never completely go away. I hope your injuries heal well.

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  3. Oh, no! That’s not funny! I hate when things like that happen. I can trip on flat ground, so I really feel for you. Last time I did that, I hurt my back and the next day the principal made me go home when she found me holding on to a wall while I walked, because it hurt so much. I thought I was fine, just like you. =) Compressing all those bones in your hands doesn’t sound like a good thing, so I’m glad the braces are helping. I hope you can sew soon! Congratulations to Haley for reaching semifinals!

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