The holidays totally got the best of me…..

20170107_184745_resizedI had some time off, but I was not off during the entire holiday season like I am used to. I user a lost (most) of my vacation time with Miranda’s Accident.

As always, I have big plans for my quilting/Sewing and it did not happen. My sewing room is a disaster, because we had company for new years. This means that everything got dumped in my room. I look at it right now and it frightens me. Trying to move stuff a bit at a time, but it seems to be daunting task.

I wanted to make a page for all the items I really need to finish this year. Did not that done either. Of Course On December 30th I was at the Immediate Care with Bronchitis. It figures. Company coming and I am sick. I made it through, and had fun. Two of my sister came for the New year, which had never happened before. We had a Chinese gift exchange which involves stealing gifts etc…. I wound up with a toilet light. It was meant to be funny (and it is) but I also find is useful. Makes me not have to turn on lights when I get up at night. Unfortunately, my nephew Alex got the gift I provided. Cottenelle wipes, Toilet Paper and PooPourri. Needless to say He won for worst gift. It was worth a laugh though.

I did manager to work on my English Paper Piecing and finished the one that will go on my dresser. Dog Bones for the crazy Dog Lady. I have now begun work on the nightstands and will eventually get to Kevin’s dresser. I like to work on my English paper piecing while I am watching TV with Kevin or my daughters. Gives me something to do besides snack.
I plan to attempt to quilt dog bones on the dog bone dresser scarf. Will see how that goes.

Happy Quilting
Happy Sewing
Happy 2017
Treasure your Family


7 thoughts on “The holidays totally got the best of me…..

  1. Ah, the holidays – they kick my butt these days. I can relate. But we will plug along, won’t we? I know a lot of people who feel like 2016 was a rough one. Let’s aim for a glorious 2017!

    I love how the outside of the table runner reflects the bone color – great choice!

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  2. The runner is so cute! Pat yourself on the back for finishing that project, if that were me EPP .. I probably be at it all this year yet! Sure glad that sickness didn’t ruin your whole holidays.

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  3. It’s a lovely table runner, so glad to see you had a finish. I’m betting that makes it feel not so bad that you missed your days off, and then got sick on top of it. I hope all the effects of that sickness are gone now, and your life is a little calmer.


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