Finally, some progress…but what a pain

So, I finally was able to work on a bit of quilting.  However, things did not go as planned.  I never like my quilting.  I wanted something very specific for my Dog Bone Dresser scarf, mainly Dog Bones, duh.  So, I decided to use that sticky saran wrap “Glad Press and Seal”.  There were good things and bad things about it.  So, I don’t exactly hate the quilting.  Dog 20170128_205041bones actually look like dog bones.  However, now that I am done with the quilting, I am pretty sure I have spent more time picking out that “Press and Seal” wrap than I actually spend quilting the entire piece.  The other part was that while doing the quilting, I found that the “press and Seal was not easy to re-position.  Once you start quilting and compress your quilt sandwich, I found that the “Press and Seal: needed adjusted and it was not possible.

I put the entire design on, including sqiggely lines.  I found it difficult to follow.  Most of the time I did my own squigglies until I got to the dog bone.  Then I follow the pattern.  I have three other pieces to make for our bedroom.  I think I will make a dog bone template and use a Frixion Pen.  I don’t need a template for squiggely lines.  That I have under control.  The hands are getting better, so hopefully I can get back into my routine and be less cranky.  If anyone has had luck using “cling Wrap”, I would love for someone to tell me why it was so difficult and if there is an easy way to remove all that plastic.  I am curious how everyone else marks their quilts now that I becoming more adventurous with my quilting.

Happy Quilting

Happy Sewing

Treasure your family


16 thoughts on “Finally, some progress…but what a pain

  1. Hi Lori, I have not used the wrap to quilt, and from your description I probably wont :D. My newest favorite method is to make a template out of cardboard or thick paper and then tracing around it with a marking pencil or chalk. For straight lines I mark with a ruler and disappearing marker ( although I have gotten more adventurous with straight lines and gone to crosshatching now!!). Good luck with your other projects.

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  2. Hi! I don’t mark anything. I just quilt freeform in any pattern I wish. Sometimes it will be approximately 1/4 lines, sometimes echo quilting …… occasionally I’ll do a crosshatch. I just play with it!

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  3. I used it for a hand embroidery project once. It worked great, but I hated the take off process, too. I’ve never wanted to use it again. I think a tissue paper would have worked as well or better. However, the idea of just drawing the bones on with a template and doing freehand squiggling sounds good to me! It is fun quilting, though!

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  4. I’m a Ditch Girl! Every time I try to venture out of the ditch, I come up with a dozen reasons why I shouldn’t. I will not use a frixon pen, but I have used chalk on small pieces [mats & bags] that didn’t have ditches.

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  5. I tried that wrap but just don’t like the picking out so stopped. I have the chalk pounder thingy but never used it! lol Just had to have it and both colors of chalk…there it sits in a drawer! lol I just free motion on my home machine like I know what I’m doing! lol

    Glad hands are better!

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  6. Good for you braving the free motion quilting. I usually just quilt free hand, because I don’t like my drawings and when I’m to the point of quilting, I’m ready to be done! But I have tried several things. There is some tissue paper that is specifically for quilting. I’ve never used it, but it sounds great. Trace the design, pin on quilt, follow the line, easily remove the tissue. The last quilt I did free hand in the center and used cardboard templates to draw stars in the border with a Fons and Porter mechanical pencil. The “leads” come in several colors. I think it’s chalk. It brushes off the quilt. Best of luck in your quilting adventures. Looking forward to seeing the results!

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