A Quilt Challenge and a very sad sad loss

So, lately, I have been a  big whiner about the fabrics in some charity quilts I was making.  However, once they were put together they were not nearly as bad as I thought. On the other hand,  the plaid fabric challenge is killing me. This is a guild sponsored challenge.   Everyone who wanted to participate in the challenge had to bring in 1 yard of plaid fabric and 5 or 10 dollars (can’t remember).  The top three winners will divide the money, everyone gets to vote for their favorites.

You have to use some of every single fabric in your quilt.   That is the only rule.  It can be any size or a runner.  I see only one fabric repeated.  But, holy cow, when you put them together they are a scary bunch of fabrics.  The one-yard was divided up between everyone who was participating.  The result was about a 6×8 inch piece of some of the ugliest fabrics.  It may take a miracle.

I have somewhat of a potential idea of something, but I am scared that I will hate it and then not want to work on it.  thoughts anyone?

I want a do-over on 2020.  Besides the stuff happening in our society.  The saddest thing I can ever recall happened.  My daughter’s best friend called on Thursday afternoon, hysterically screaming.  Once we got her to speak so we could understand, she told us that he just found her little brother hanging in the woods behind her house.  I told her to call 911 and we were on our way.  We flew there.  Beat all the EMS and police.  Haley was checking the house and I took off to the back of the woods.

There I saw beautiful sweet Savannah and her little brother holding up their other brother.  The sheriff drove to the back near the woods, flew out of the car and I pointed to them.  He ran up with his knife and cut him down.  Paramedics arrived and carried him out of the woods and began trying to revive him.  I asked my daughter to please not look.  She says she did not.  We hugged Savannah and her brother as hard as we could, while they worked to revive him.  No one knows how long he had been there.  We got to the house in less than 10 minutes, which is still too long.

They did get his heart started and flew him to Children’s, but he died a few hours later.  My heart is broken for this family.  I love sweet Savannah.  No note, so outward signs, and a 14-year-old boy is gone.  It is unimaginable.

I can not get the picture of Savannah and her little brother holding Gaven up out of my mind.  It won’t leave me.  It is a heartbreaking image that wakes me up multiple times at night.

Please, please hug your children, no one knows what tomorrow brings.

Say a prayer for the family.


39 thoughts on “A Quilt Challenge and a very sad sad loss

  1. such a sad thing for you and Haley and the young boy’s family.

    This has been a horrible year. The problems in this country need to STOP. It is hurting a lot of people in more ways than we really know.


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  2. Just as we all are complaining, because we are all scared right now, it takes perspective like this to realize how good we ALL still have it. I am sorry. You are now a better person because of it, use your personal growth wisely for/with others. May the memory of that day fade into something beautiful.

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  3. That is gut wrenching, my heart goes to the family. Yes 2020 has been quite awful but still trying to find good moments here and there . As far as the plaid challenge – the piece looks very cozy so far!

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  4. Such a horribly sad situation…it’s so hard to know what others are struggling with which is why we all need to be more kind to each other. I’m so sorry for that family and I hope the memory of that day fades soon. ❤

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      1. Lori, I’ve been thinking about that quilt…I would be tempted to use plain colored squares and then use the plaids for either star points or something like a churn dash block.

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  5. How sad for his family and for all those involved. Suicide is such a hard thing for a family to have as a memory surrounding a lost loved one. The answer to the question ‘why’ is never really resolved but a good outcome can be a lived-out resolve to be more open with one another and indeed to hug more often.
    Don’t let your memories of that awful event fester – be sure to seek some listening help if need be.

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  6. Hi Lori! I am so sorry to hear about Gavin. Gosh, it breaks my heart to think that a 14-year-old thought he had no other options than that. I hope the family is getting some counseling, and perhaps you might consider some as well. {{Hugs}} OMG to all of those plaid fabrics. How about a postage stamp table runner supplemented with lots of solids from your own stash? A 1″ square of each of these fabrics wouldn’t be SO bad. Maybe. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  7. That is a horrible thing to witness. Unfortunately when I was in college, my next door neighbor did that as well. His mom found him in the basement. She has never been the same and it is 35 years later. My heart goes out to your family as well as Savannah’s.

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  8. Focusing on the fabric, can you add other colors? What about cutting them into 2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ rectangles and pairing with a solid (or variety of solids) of some kind? Then lay out, perhaps alternating directions, so it looks a little woven? Just thinking….

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  9. That really is a horribly sad situation. 14, and hopeless enough to suicide in a terrible way. I’m so sorry for all of you who knew him, and especially his family. That little girl and her brother – oh, it’s heartbreaking.
    On the plaids, when I don’t like a fabric, cutting it small helps. I did a great quilt for my son out of 2 x 4 pieces of plaids – paired them up, and then made a four patch with the pairs going up-down, then sideways. It made a great quilt with no sashing or borders and I didn’t try to figure out light-dark or colors or anything else.
    I hope you figure out something you like for it.


  10. It’s too disturbing to “like” this post. I know of three people who are gone due to suicide since this pandemic begun. I am so profoundly sorry for your friends and you and your daughter.

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