What not to do. Another lesson learned.

OK, I feel like a total idiot.  So, my one monthly goal project was to trim and bind a quilt. Here is the problem.  This was a UFO quilt that had been around for quite some time, so I decided to wash it before I quilted it.  So far, not to dumb, but wait…  At the lat minute, I got the crazy idea to wash the piece of batting that I was going to use also.  So far, not a problem, except for the fact that I washed them together and the pieced top was mostly black. Needless to say my quilt top came out with a ridiculous amount of lint all over it.  OK, so I deserve that for not thinking.  But wait there’s more.  I thought OK, so I will have to spend more than the usual amount of time removing lint and dog hair.  I proceeded to quilt it with all the lint all over it, like an idiot.  Then this morning as I was attempting to de-lint it and most of the lint was quilted into the quilt and would not easily come off with a lint roller.  I worked on if for …way to long and all the lint is still not gone.  I have to brush it with a toothbrush and then use the list roller before it even thinks about coming off.  I am so mad at myself.  It was like a parade of dumb mistakes.  In case it isn’t obvious, the photo are sheets from my lint roller.  Ahhhhh.  Stuff happens.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting