Quilt Guild Blocks—not my style

So the local quilt that I participate is making string blocks for quilts that they will sell at a fund raiser for the group.  They pass out block kits to members.  I made mine, but have a hard time imagining that I will like this quilt.  It is a great way to use scraps for sure, but I am not sure I will like the end product.  But, I guess I don’t have to like it, it is not for me.  They used foundation paper from Missouri Star Quilt, which did make it simple and fast.  They are wonky looking because they have not been trimmed.

Epic Fail on my one monthly goal this past weekend.  I sat down and started to sew.  I got about 12 inches and realized that something did not sound right.  Yep. 5 trillion loops on the back side.  Somehow my machine was suddenly threaded incorrectly.  Of course i started pulling it out, but it is just not possible because I can’t really get to the underside of the quilt when it is on the frame.  I think I will just have to go on and pull all of it out  after I am finished and have taken the quilt out of the frame. Now I am mad at it (more myself) and don’t want to work on it. Ugh….

I went o my second quilt Guild meeting and I still like it.  They are having a quilt supply only garage sale next month.  Looking forward to getting rid of a few items i will never use.  They are also have a Saturday all day machine quilting thingy.  They have someone teaching free motion quilting or you can just sew whatever you like.  Looking forward to a day not doing the usual Saturday activities.  Fortunately, Kev is very supportive of these things.  Always encourages me to get out of the house.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure Your Family


19 thoughts on “Quilt Guild Blocks—not my style

  1. You know sometimes string blocks come out pretty interesting when the entire quilt is put together and all blocks are squared up to the same size. I made a wacked-out seeming quilt from all the scraps of every quilt I made, many years ago, using a rail fence style block. Individually the blocks looked like I was on drugs while quilting (ha) but together all those random colors worked!

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  2. I hate it when the machine threads itself incorrectly too! 😉 Such a pain to get it all worked out. Not sure how I feel about the new trends in quilting either. Since I’m still relatively new at it all, Keeping an open mind. Hope you get it all worked out. Some quilt groups are better than others. Glad yours is working out for you. I enjoy learning and the camaraderie.

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  3. CrazyMomQuilts.com is all about string quilts with scraps but I’m just not on-board with making them either. I would for a guild I guess. I need to look into a guild near me but I’m afraid of the quilt Nazis. There may not be any but I’m still shy about it. Good on you for going to yours! Sounds like fun!


  4. Strip quilts have never been my favorite either! I’m Charity Quilt programmer for my guild and it’s always a struggle to find a pattern that the entire group will enjoy.

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  5. I have made a couple of the string quilts…my DIL loved hers and it is a great way to use up all the extras….fixing to start a “Crazy Quilt” next….:)

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