My Table Setting and my Quilting Godmother

So, everyone needs a Quilting Godmother.  Seriously, mine listens to my problems (personal and quilt related), leads me down the path of good quilting and then ever so often a box of awesomeness arrives at my home.

I never thought when I created my blog that I would make real friends here, let alone find a quilting Godmother.  Who would have thought?  I have found so many awesome like minded people through my blog.  I am ever so grateful for the friendships and comradeship.  I really do love you all (Nanette…you have a special place in my heart).


Look at all this wonderful stuff I got from my Quilting Godmother (LOL)  There are such beautiful things in this box, I can’t even tell you.

I love creating like this.  I will take these things and then like a puzzle put them together.  So besides the quilting challenge, I also have the figure out how to put it all together challenge.

About my table setting…Looks great from distance.  Don’t look to close.  For whatever reason, a preschooler with safety scissors must have cut these out.  The place mats did not go together well, mostly due to the cutting.  Cutting accurately is so important.  Learned that lesson again…..dang it.

Since these are for my table, I will tolerate their mediocrity.  I actually created these so I WaterMark_2019-06-04-15-16-00could practice quilting spirals.  I have a quilt that I want to do the spiral pattern on and wanted more practice.

It did not turn out too bad.   The practice was good.  I will feel better when I set out to quilt the big quilt with spirals.

20190601_193652This is my Snibble and all the reason my things frequently come complete with dog hair.  I had these laying on the back of the couch as I completed the binding.  She decided that she needed to watch me as I worked and plopped herself on top of them.

So, my mother was from Germany.  It turns out that growing up, there were some made up words in my family (by my mother).  Snibbles was one of them.  I grew up thinking that Snibbles were little bits of paper or fabric (scraps) because that is what my mother referred to them as (along with her best friend who was also from Germany).  I was frequently told to clean up my Snibbles.  I learned while I was in college that it was not really a word.  It was rush week (yes, I was a sorority girl)  and we were doing something that involved cutting paper.  I said “we are going to have to clean up all these snibbles”, as if that was a word everyone knew.  They all looked at me like I was crazy, so I repeated myself.  Then came the laughter and the realization that this was not really a word, but something my mother and Betty (Mom’s best friend, also from Germany..I see a pattern here)  made up.  My whole life up til then, I thought Snibbles were  a real thing.

Snibble is now a real thing.  My late Husband named her that because she was a “scrap” of a dog (he was very familiar with the Snibble story).  He was working for a farmer changing oil on tractors and their dog had 13 puppies.  Only one was a girl and the boys were being mean to her and not letting her eat.  He rescued her for me.  She was all bit up when she came, but is a wonderful happy girl now.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family and your Quilting Godmother!


28 thoughts on “My Table Setting and my Quilting Godmother

  1. Thank you Lori!!! I am so happy that you love a quilting challenge – I am sure I will find more for you to play with! I like your placemats! Snibbles looks like he can hold his own! LOL Interesting how we carry on the little “words and phrases” that we learned from our parents!!! Have a great day and hoping Haley is better!

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  2. OH I forgot about the “fake” applique blocks! Now you can make a great quilt out of that one – find you a nice tone on tone or just a good white where you can quilt designs, and you have another quilt! I would hand stitch around the designs in the block, I think, maybe that is why you have them and I do not! LOL LOL LOL ! Seriously it will make a pretty quilt! Just adding the border fabric that will blend with the colors will make it very pretty! Hugs

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  3. Hi Lori! Aww, I love Snibbles and the snibbles story. I’m surprised that your sorority friends didn’t nickname you Snibbles. She looks like she is a great companion, and will freely give her opinion should you need it or ask. Your table setting looks so inviting. It is definitely a table that welcomes family and friends, and where lots of laughs are shared. Great idea for practicing the swirls/spirals before doing it on a bigger piece. Having the confidence to get it done is half the battle. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  4. if you hadn’t said anything about the cutting, for your place mats, no one would have noticed, you know! The colours are gorgeous, the quilting is fun, and I think they look all ready for a birthday party!
    As for Snibbles . . . every crafter should have a pet to leave hair over their crafting projects lol.

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  5. Awww. I think Snibbles is such a great name for that proud little puppy girl 😀 My Grandfather lived in Germany for a while and was an avid animal – especially dog – lover. All of the words we repeated were said intentionally for our pups: wassa? = want water? outski/inski = go out?/come in LOL. We thought we were speaking German.

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  6. What an amazingly wonderful gift box from your Quilting Godmother! Snibbles is adorable and the perfect name for him. Made up or real it’s a great word and I just may use it – Placemats look great and so summery 🙂 I am feeling the same wonderful feeling of community and friendship through my blog too. Such blessings 🙂

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  7. Funny you should mention the story about Snibbles. For years my family has referred to small scraps as schnibbles, which friends of ours claimed was not a word. While visiting them recently after years of not seeing them, they actually used the word in conversation and blamed us for it.

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  8. Wonderful story about Snibbles! My grandmother was Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch – German) and I grew up thinking that “rutching around” – squirming or being an irritant – was a real phrase. It isn’t to most of the world, but it still is to me and my kids. That’s heritage for you.

    I LOVE your place settings – and your spirals are amazing! You’ve got that going on, my friend.


  9. Hi Lori According to the Urban dictionary, a snibble is a scrap paper or fabric left after cutting something out. Your Mother was right. More so than my machine embroidery teacher who call leftover scraps and threads – orts. The dictionary says that orts is scraps of leftover food that is fed to pigs. I think that I will call them snibbles now. I love your blog.
    Miss Molly’s mother

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  10. Snibble ought to be a word. It sounds like a word, and it sounds like exactly what you thought it was, so why not? It’s a great name for your little dog, and what a nice story about her origins. Well, not the brothers, but how she came to be with you, and where her name came from. The quilting on those placemats looks superb, and even though you did mention wonky shapes, I don’t see it. They look great and make a lovely bright table!

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