R U kidding me?

Literally just took this out of the package and decided to start it. take a few stitches and BAM, blood on a brand-new white potential table runner. Ugh. Could not figure out where it came from, but whatever. I am so annoyed with myself.

I bought this table runner from Annie’s. It just has some red and blue embroidery and I thought I could do something quilty around it. I don’t have anything red, white and blue for my table. Hoping I can get the blood out. It is not the first time I have bled on a project, but it is so white and not easily covered up (silently screaming).

I have quite a few table runners laying around…. Last year when I had my Neck surgery, I felt like I could not work on large projects, so I made a bunch of table runners. Now I have to get them quilted. I made a couple that are a bit southwest. If nothing else, they will make become Christmas gifts. I have at least 5 or 6 more. I like to quilt lines on these table runners because lines are easy and quick.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


12 thoughts on “R U kidding me?

    1. Fingers crossed that does the trick, if not those crosses are kind of chunky and a couple of extra ones to cover the stain and make it look like the crosses aren’t just in a line wouldn’t look out of lace

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  1. Spit works great , I always use that on my quilt when quilting because like you somehow I always manage to prick myself good somewhere along in the quilting progress. One just can’t wash a quilt in the hoop stage,so the spit ( kinda gross 😄)does it work until I do get it to the washer. Hydrogen peroxide works great too on whites,not sure if I would use it on colors. Good luck with whatever method you use!


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