I am not a bag maker.

Nope, nope, nope. Making bags is not something I do very well.

So, I made a test bag a few weeks back. It had issues, but OK, I tried. I decided that I wanted to make another, so I had 2 and I could make emergency “stuff” bags for my daughter and her future college roommate. I was going to make 2 more after the trial, but Haley loved the purple bag even though it had issues. That was the one she wanted. Ok, I cut out two more anyway.

So, I found the instructions rather difficult to understand. I even read them this time because I had no idea what I was doing. Shocker.

For the first bag, I used regular quilt batting. For the next one (yellow) I used the fusible foam. I thought it would give the bag a better shape, which it did. It was just a bit harder to manage. It quilted nicely though.

I have put a million zippers in things. I put zippers in all the charity dog beds I make so they can be washed. I found the zipper instructions over complicated and the foamy stuff did make the zipper more difficult.

What was frustrating…..It had instructions to make bias binding and cover all the seems inside the bag with this bias binding. Umm OK. I did it on the purple one and found it difficult and did not really improve the inside look of the bag (mostly because I sucked at it). It was even more difficult with the foamy stuff. I gave up.

The pattern also called for you to zig-zag all the edges prior to sewing them, which I did, so it did not look completely unfinished. If I ever want to try again I will likley have to figure out how to rethread my serger UGH (a monumental and frustrating task.) and use that to finish the inside seams.

I will pack them both full of “emergency” college supplies, whatever that may be. Haley and Hailey. Yep my daughter, Haley has a roommate named Hailey. Both are studying the same thing. Odd coincidences. I have already apologized in advance for my daughter’s sarcastic sense of humor. I believe they will both get along well.

I, on the other hand, will be struggling with my new normal. I have been unsuccessfully preparing myself for her departure.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


9 thoughts on “I am not a bag maker.

  1. They make zippers quite complicated in bags…many do a side tab style. It can be annoying. Consider putting in snap closures, or modifying the zipper panels to extend the length of the bag. Also, zig zag is only needed on the handles, where I prefer a box stitch. Corners benefit from zig zag too, especially if they are cut. Finally, I usually stitch a half inch from the seam and either leave it or top stitch the outside if possible. For lining-skip the foam and batting and use Decor Bond–or 809 in the interfacing world. Gives structure, easy to quilt, and less bulk. When you get to stitching the handles in, read those instructions multiple times and use a basting stitch for the first round. Enjoy as you learn.

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  2. That is so cute your daughter has a roommate with the same name but pronounced differently. They must have a lot of laughs with that.
    I did not think bag making was for me but I just keep doing it and I’ve started to get better. I still struggle with zippers and I figure if you are bad in life and go to the “underworld” when you die, then your punishment is to sew in zippers all day 😉

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  3. Lori I think your bags are sweet and for first projects turned out really well! How weird that your daughter and her roommate have the same name! Let’s hope they continue to get along as well as they seem to now. It is an adjustment when the last (or only) duckling leaves home for university. Bear up! She will return for vacations. 😉

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