Fall into a Quilt Along – Hedgehog

So, I had no intention of joining this quilt along, but when they published the first block, I fell in love with the hedgehog.  I figured that I could manage one block every two weeks.  I think this is maybe about project #18 that I have started.  Yep. Full Blown Quilting ADD.  I do get things finished.  I mean, that is what the One monthly goal is for.

I have no idea what the other blocks will look like, but I plan on using the sam background fabric throughout the quilt.  It is a little odd, bit I like it.  If you are interested in joining this quilt along, the first block is located on Quilting with Vanda’s blog.  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting



27 thoughts on “Fall into a Quilt Along – Hedgehog

  1. He’s cute…but I just picked up a kaleidoscope style quilt for my boyfriend’s sister. I need it done soon so we can deliver it to her after a friend’s son’s graduation (say that one three times fast).

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  2. That hedgehog is so cute! I don’t blame you for falling for this quilt along. I wish I had more of a stash of fabrics built up so that I could some spur of the moment quilts…I’m sure it will happen eventually, but in the meantime I have lots of other projects on the go, and I can watch your progress!

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  3. He is another adorable hedgehog. I have not seen one that I don’t love. Looks like your background is pretty perfect to me. Is that a little bling I see?

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