The good, The Bad and the Ugly…..

So, you know what really stinks?  When you finally get around to doing something and it is screwed up.  So, my one monthly goal is to quilt this quilt.  So, I spray basted it about a week ago.  I go to get it and it looks like this.  So, the border was totally jacked up.  It looked fine when I had it all laid out, but I like to wait until that spray basting is dry.  Ugh.  So, more finagling with the border.  I am trying to figure out what I did.  Did I stretch it out when I basted it?  Do I not know what square is?  Could be either, I have my moments.  Will have to figure out something. Open for suggestions.

WaterMark_2018-05-13-12-39-59So, on a more positive note.  My star quilting looks awesome.  I love this ruler, even though it is not really a ruler.  It makes it look like I WaterMark_2018-05-13-12-39-26am way better than I am.  It is hard to mess up.  Perfect stars.  This was my test piece, until I figure out what to do with my border.

Baby birds look about the same.  Getting more feathers though.  It rained a lot here yesterday, so I watched Mom andIMG_06261001 Dad collect worms for the babies.  So cute.  This morning when I left, it was sprinkling, and Mama was sitting on the nest, keeping the babies dry and warm.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


20 thoughts on “The good, The Bad and the Ugly…..

  1. I wonder if the bias edges pulled? Maybe measure your sides to see exactly what you are dealing with? I am thinking about taking the border off on that side and shrinking up the edge with a steam iron, and then put the border on again, pre measured so that you ease it in to an already square border? Those quilted stars look wonderful, Lori!

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  2. Hi Lori! Wow – thank you for showing your ruler or template or whatever you’d like to call it. I have some of those, and I couldn’t remember how to use them! I remember seeing the demonstration for them, and instantly ran to purchase them (it was a SALE after all) but now more than a year later, ahem, I cannot remember the demo. SO – your little picture reminded me! That really is a good note! I’m going to PIN that for next year, when I finally get around to trying them and can’t remember it again. And I’m sorry about the border. Sigh. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. YUP, you have a bias nightmare!!!!!!!! I learned the hard way to stay away from those. When cutting the triangles for an on-point quilt I will send you a neat way to do it! I would take the top off and see if it is square. The flaring comes from those bias setting triangles! WHOOPEE just what you wanted to hear.

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  4. Have you tried spray starch and ironing? My sister brought me a quilt to quilt for her and the whole quilt was wonky. I starched and pressed the entire queen size quilt and there was a huge improvement. Strange that it did this after you basted it.
    Your ruler work is coming along nicely.

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