A Finish of my very own Topper

So, I finshed this, mostly so I could see if I liked my own design. I sort of like it.  I had the most difficult time with the binding.  I wanted to use the same as the background fabric but the biggestest square I had left to make bias binding was onl 13″.  That made for an interesting binding session.  Add that to the fact that it is homespun fabric and ravels like crazy.  Binding was a challenge but I did it.

I decided to do very small meandering.  I think that came out pretty good.  The hardest 20170820_202956_resizedpart was keeping it small.  I had to constantly remind myself to pay attention to my sizing.  I think that I will make a another one of these to get my design totally down.  Want to make a couple of tweaks.  Next time I am going to put some veins in the leaves.  Was going to do it this time, but I really liked it and decieded to leave it as it was.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


23 thoughts on “A Finish of my very own Topper

  1. Very very nice and contrats Lori – Those are my favorite colors – Hurricane on the way to us! We are 20 miles Southeast of San Antonio and about 150 miles from the Gulf – so we should get lots and lots of rain. This will break the 100 plus weather for the year and hopefully a “fall” season and a “cold” winter!

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  2. Great finish! I feel your pain when it comes to raveling fabric. So sad it had to make it challenging. I can sympathize with your quilting frustrations. Keeping the scale of your stitches uniform is tough. Sometimes it helps if I keep a visual reminder near by that keeps me focused on my intended stitch pattern size. Happy quilting!

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