Almost There….

Yes, the last row looks a bit silly with one block in it.  Later today, I will pick up my final free blocks from Red Rooster Quilts.  Oddly, there are 26 weeks but only 25 blocks.  Not sure what that is about.  Not sure what will happen with week 26.  I guess I will find out later.

I really love orange in quilts, so I think that I am going to keep this one and hang it in my family room.  I am going to call it Hugs and Kisses.  Already have my quilting in mind.  Need to get it finished first, way ahead of myself, as always.

Thinking about all my potential projects, I m going to try very hard not to start anything new until I make significant headway on those already started.  There are so many of those.  It will help, since I am trying not to buy new fabric.  Right now, only want to buy if I need to finish something.   That is so hard.

Lynn and I went out to dinner and fabric shopping last week.  Jelly rolls were 40% off.  I wanted to buy 1  or 2 or 3.  Had one in my hand several times but managed to control myself.  Only fabric I bought was a ½ yard for an in progress quilt (allowed).  Wondering how long it will take me to fall off the wagon.

I also want to use up as much of my scraps as possible.  I have so much scrap. Have been cutting some for a couple of scrap quilts in the works.  I need to get stuff sorted by color.  I guess that will happen when I get my room better organized.  I will get there.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


27 thoughts on “Almost There….

  1. Ok, that wasn’t suppose to be sent!!! Let me start again…..LOL! I love your background fabrics. Can’t beat fabrics with lettering on them. I hope you do make progress on your in-progress items. I’m trying to do the same. Way to go for abstaining from the purchase of fabric. It takes a lot of willpower. Managing scraps is like hurding cats, next to impossible. Almost every time your rotary cutter slices through fabric you create another scrap. 🙂

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  2. Lori – this quilt is evolving very nicely and I love love love the orange against the grays/whites/creams! Jelly rolls can be so addicting, I am not allowing myself to buy anymore but I could see the lure of a 40% off sale (they were practically free, ha!) 🙂


  3. Totally smitten with the background fabric! I too am on a low fiber diet. Last year I went nearly 90 days before caving in – and cave I did! Hopefully this year I will have more willpower and only purchase what I need for completion of a project. It will be such a good feeling to finish some of the projects that were started decades ago. I can’t wait to hear how you round up, organize and use those scraps.

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