My contrast quilt or the I am mad quilt

Why might this be the I am mad quilt?  Well, when I get mad or upset, this is the quilt I work on.  I think that is because it is simple.  I need a total of eighty blocks, so I either work on finding fabrics or cutting the leaves or just sewing them on.  Plenty to do, nothing complex.  I actually have about 62 blocks together in various states of sewing.  I try to minimize my thread changing, so, I sew all the ones I can with same color I have threaded in the machine.  It is meant to be a play on colors lights and darks.

I think this quilt will be a bear to make sure the blocks are placed correctly.  My daughter put this on my design wall and I noticed the bottom black/red one is incorrect.  Not a problem, since I am not yet sewing it together.  But I am the person that looked at my safari quilt forever and still had three camels right next to each other in the same row.  Knowing myself, I will have several backwards but wont notice until it is quilted and bound.

I made this from scraps but it would be great for layer cakes.  The base is made from 2, 10 inch blocks, cut in half and then sewn back together with the opposite one.

I really don’t get mad that often, but sewing always puts me at ease and when my mind is racing, best to stick with something simple.  I keep this project in my sewing room neatly in my pizza box.

News:  I was one of the winners for the One Monthly Goal Prize.  thank you Elm Street Quilts!

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


30 thoughts on “My contrast quilt or the I am mad quilt

  1. I like the idea of taking a photo and letting things simmer before working on the quilt. It usually helps me find most errors, and I often make small changes before laying out. In addition, if I save only the picture (or mark it) that I wish for the completed quilt, I can refer to it as I’m transferring it from the design area to the sewing machine, which saves a date with Jack. Good luck.

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  2. Congratulations on winning! I really like this quilt block. With 80 you can switch them around a lot. Something always comes out next to something you didn’t mean it to, so don’t stress over it. It will only be noticeable to you when you finally see it, and no one else will ever think anything of it.

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  3. Hi Lori, If you want to be driven crazy … post a picture of the intended lay-out and you’ll get a zillion opinions that might help you avoid the 3 camels in a row problem. (But, I did like the 3 camels in a row!)

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  4. Hi Lori,
    Congrats on the win on Elm Street Quilts!! That is exciting! I had to laugh right out loud at the three camels right next to each other in the same row. HAHAHAHA! 🙂 I thought I was the only one that consistently did that. Seriously. All the time. I now lay the project out, take a picture – post it so everyone can see the errors – and then walk away until the next day or so. Then I look at the picture when it’s on FB or IG, and I usually see several things to change. No one else has ever commented – I don’t know why they don’t tell me to move something around, but whatever. That has helped a bit. I usually just move something around and then a new issue develops. Oh well! It’s only a quilt not brain surgery. Good thing, huh?! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. The contrast quilt is lovely!
    I usually take a picture of the layout, but that doesn’t mean it’s fool proof…I still have some off placements. Notice that I didn’t call them mistakes. I think each quilt has a unique aspect that adds a special touch from the person piecing the quilt. I liked the camel quilt.

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  6. Well Congrats on the win Ms Lori – I made a quilt similar to this with leaves, but must have given it away – cannot find it – Hummmm. It was in a magazine. I think I did not like the outcome! Hope your year is going well!!!

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  7. Congrats on winning a prize! That is a great way to start the year, definitely motivating, and as I recall you got lots of UFO’s completed this year.😄 this study in contrasts is very elegant. It will be a great looking quilt with 80 😳 blocks!

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