One Monthly Goal for September – WooHoo!

I had serious doubts as to whether or not I could actually get to 15 blocks.  Finished #15 on Saturday.  This is not necessarily the order I will use when I put them together.  The last 15 will contain some specialty blocks, I think.  Meaning, not just books on a shelf.  I was considering doing a could of photos in frames on the shelf.

So, it is likely that I will put this quilt away for a while.  Partly because I am tired of it and partly because my daughter Haley hurt my feelings when she told me that my blocks did not look like books on a bookshelf.   Too Bad she didn’t wait until I put them all up on the design board before she chose to run her mouth.  It could easily become a 10 year project.  I hate getting my feelings hurt.

All the same, I finished them.  I do love the the One Monthly Goal.  It really is a great motivator to get things done.  It has nothing to do with prizes, but more of finishing what I said I would finish.  I have to come up with something for next month.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


42 thoughts on “One Monthly Goal for September – WooHoo!

  1. I love the books! Don’t be deterred, this is shaping up to be an awesome quilt. Your daughter just doesn’t have the vision to see it as if it’s quilted, I think. The quilting will add the 3D effect that makes the strips “pop out” like real objects. Do you know what I mean? Maybe I mean shadows or depth…anyway, don’t put it away too long, I want to see how you finish it. 🙂 But I know what you mean, I hate spending hours and hours on something and showing it to the family just to have them say, “it’s crooked” or “nice”. A little appreciation goes a long way.

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  2. I think it looks lovely! I agree with Stacey, the quilting will add the effects and bring a ‘feel’ to the look. Don’t be deterred, it took me maturing (!) to appreciate my Mothers/Grandmothers crafting visions. Have a great day!!

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  3. I’m a librarian as well as a quiltmaker so I’m always on the lookout for quilts featuring books / bookshelves. I think yours turned out well. (Kids say hurtful things, even when they’re old enough to know better. Hopefully she will apologize.)

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  4. Haley’s young, careless and doesn’t have quilt vision. Don’t leave it for ten years, it’s too good for that! I like the idea of the photos on a shelf, maybe a vase of flowers or a pretty statue, too? I believe this will be a fabulous quilt, so keep going.

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  5. It will come out nicely. I, have been considering a sort of bookshelf quilt…though I’m in the midst of five or six other quilts that need my attention. However, one thing holding me back is the right fabric. These books look good and the widths are nice. I get what Haley meant…but just put it away until after Christmas, buy her a book with a cover that looks just like one in your quilt(I’m not kidding), and remind her later, it will look different all quilted…later, when your feelings are less hurt…consider embroidering titles on a few of the books;-).

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  6. don’t let what your daughter said get you down for too long. Teenagers tend to speak first, and think later . . . I do hope she realises she hurt your feelings and gives you a big hug to apologise.

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  7. You could always give her a sheet and tell her it is her quilt! LOL. I think you are doing a good job, sometimes people/children just do not appreciate the thought behind the gift, nor the time and effort this is taking! Hang in there – she will age – right?

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  8. I’m glad to see that you have so much encouragement in the comments. It is hard for a non-quilter (and a lot of us quilters) to really *see* what a quilt will look like until it’s finished. Keep stitching.
    I made my first bookshelf quilt this spring. I had such a fun time going through my stash and remembering quilts past. The frames are a lovely way to personalize your quilt. If you are interested, maybe you can find some ideas on my quilt:

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