I love seeing this

So the local quilt shop to me, Red Rooster Quilts, is having a tent sale today and tomorrow.  They are selling all their quilt and quilt tops tops and had them displayed along the fence.  It is just a beautiful site.

I bought nothing.  How crazy is that?  I am trying very hard not to buy things I don’t specifically need to complete something.  Although that rarely stops me.  Since I am in the shop a lot because it is about two miles form what I work, I had already seen most of the stuff they were selling at the tent sale in the store.  It had been discounted for a while.  Nothing called to me, so I just picked up my free bi-weekly quilt block and wandered up and down viewing the quilts/quilt tops.

Just wanted to share the beautiful photos and make sure any of my local Columbus friends were aware that there was a Quilting Tent Sale.  Have a great weekend!

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


17 thoughts on “I love seeing this

  1. That’s like going to a quilt show. One year in California, we did one that had a lot of outdoor showing space. Weather was reliable, so it was wonderful. It’s just dawned on me you mean Columbus, OHIO! We could have had lunch together when I went through there! Next time, I’ll know.

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  2. What a great way to spend a fall day! I love the quilts hanging outside on the fence. I am wondering how much they were asking for them – the sign says 50% off! Amazing. It required a lot of willpower to pass that up, I bet! Although, I’m like you. I try not to buy what I don’t need, and quilting is a hobby that can eat up your money FAST if you aren’t a bit disciplined about it. Thanks for sharing, I would love to have been there!

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      1. You know, that’s the thing with quilts, isn’t it? Once you start quilting, you know that a finished quilt is worth the money (because you know how much time and money goes into it) but still – several hundred bucks for a blanket seems excessive. Guess that’s why we learn to make our own! 🙂

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