Finally got Caught up on my Free Quilt Blocks, but lack inspiration

I really like this quilt.  I think it might be because I love Orange Fabrics.  I never feel like any shop has enough Orange Fabric or it is because Red Rooster Quilts gives me the fabric for free.  One block every two weeks.  It is not just for fall or Halloween.  My daughter Haley actually likes this quilt.  That is a surprise since she usually has something negative to say about my quilts.  This is a quilt I will keep for me and hang up somewhere in the house.

Been feeling a little uninspired lately.  I have many many projects started, but don’t feel like working on any of them.  I have like 4 quilts that need quilted, laying on the pool table, multiple other projects started.  Yet, I just stare off into oblivion.  I usually have more time on the weekends to work on my craft, but I always get a pile of things ready for during the week, even if I only have a few minutes, I usually sit down and sew some of these things, so they are ready for the weekend.  The pile is still sitting there untouched and then there is Block #6 for I wish you a Merry Quilt Along.  Need to get that done.  It does not look to hard, some piecing, some applique.  I will get to it, eventually.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


24 thoughts on “Finally got Caught up on my Free Quilt Blocks, but lack inspiration

  1. This quilt is very cool! Sometimes, I just don’t feel like working on my projects, but I force myself to just get down to it. After about ten minutes, I’m right back in the groove. I know if I don’t spend time every day with my creativity, I get in a bad funk. Good luck!

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  2. I like the colour orange too. Sometimes I find pushing myself to see one project through to a finish gives me back my mojo to get down and enjoy the other projects I have on the go (there’s always more than one, right?)

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  3. I find when I lack inspiration, I say to myself, “tackle one project for 15 minutes. That’s it. 15 minutes is usually doable. After 15 minutes, I can put it away again.” Well, often what happens is that an hour later, I’m still working on the project and am inspired to at least sew a couple more seams … Good luck with carrying on!

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  4. I would say you have the blahs. It will pass, but it’s annoying while it’s happening. You need a trip to Knoxville, where orange is king because the University of Tennessee colors are … orange and white! Every quilt store in the eastern part of TN has at least a handful of oranges, and different ones everywhere. Some shops have a LOT, so you could have fun shopping here.

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