We wish you a Merry Quilt Along Block #3

There are two blocks this time.  This is the easy one.  I obviously have not trimmed mine up.  Looks a little wonky.  I thought this was a really cute block. (Click here for tutorial) I had to keep with my snowflake themed fabric, since that was the path I started to head down.   When I look at them all together, I can start to see something good coming together overall.  Sometimes, my vision is a bit off.  It is totally evident with my crazy pinwheel yellow quilt that I am still deciding what to do with.

I look at the three blocks and try to figure out my sashing.  I have something in mind, 20170829_204023_resizedsort of but I would need to find the correct Fabric to make it work.   But who knows, I could change my mind 10 times before then.

I have cut out my pieces for Block #4, using mostly snowflake fabric, but have yet to do any sewing on that one.  Hopefully this weekend. #Iwishyouamerryqal

So, I also need a monthly goal for The One Monthly Goal. Since my daughter knows I am 20170731_194741_resizedmaking her a library quilt, she has wanting me to make it my one monthly goal.  I need 30 blocks for this quilt and I have 3.  So, I will make it my one monthly goal to get to the half way point and make 12 more blocks for her quilt.  It is a pretty tall order, but I have been a bit of a slacker lately (according to Haley).  I guess this will get me half way there.

My sister and my nephew both live in the Houston area.  She was on a cruise in the Baltic Sea during Harvey (not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing).  I did hear from him and they were pretty close to having water in the house but did not get any.  He checked on his mother’s house and all was dry.  This is good news.  I saw this morning that his wife was getting people together to wash clothes for those that had water and wet things.  While it does not seem like much, I am sure it means a lot to flood victims who have everything wet.  What an awesome idea. It is also something the whole family can help with.  Lots of people coming up with great ideas on ways to help that make a difference.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Houston Strong


35 thoughts on “We wish you a Merry Quilt Along Block #3

  1. Good monthly goal! Best of luck on that part. I like the three blocks you’ve made so far. I was gone for two days, but have downloaded my blocks and hope to make both of them this coming week – maybe Monday! I really like your nephew’s wife’s plan! If everything I had was wet and flood and mud damaged, I think it would be a huge blessing to have someone take my clothes and return them clean and dry. Sometimes it is the things that seem like no big deal that are the largest blessings of all!

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  2. I’m sure any help is much appreciated right now. It’s wonderful how so many are stepping up and helping out. Your monthly goals are impressive. I’ve be lucky to get one block done a month. Speaking of which, I better get in my 2 blocks for October. 🙂 I’ve mentioned before I love the library quilt, at least I think I did. I like that you are putting her favorite books on the titles. Christmas is coming way too fast. I’m still not ready for the last one. You are making great progress on the Christmas quilt squares. Deep sigh. 😉

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