I think I have had enough of this quilt top.

So, I got a lot of good advice form people on what to do with this top.  After thinking about it, I decided that outlining with yellow might be the thing to make the yellow less obvious (obnoxious).  I went and bought a piece of yellow, went through my stash and find about four other shades.   The print actually has multiple shades including a gold tone.  I tried them all.  I didnt like the mustardy gold at all.  So, I settled on a lighter yellow hoping it would not over power.

While my daughter Haley now says it is better, I am not sold on that thought.  I might like it a little better, but still not a favorite.   I decided that I was not going to take it apart.  I will put it in the pile to quilt.  I am sure someone will love it somewhere, smeday.  It can easily become a charity quilt.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


33 thoughts on “I think I have had enough of this quilt top.

  1. Wow that yellow border makes a difference. I was ambivalent about it before, but now I really like it. So yes, you are right, someone will find it in the future and gush over it for sure and certain.

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  2. We all have those quilt tops that just never resonate for various reasons. My strategy is to cut my losses and move on rather than spend more time trying to make something work. Inevitably though another person loves it so I generally move it on as a charity quilt.

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  3. Way to look at the positive of it. Guess we can’t love every single quilt we make though. But I think adding the yellow boarder does help with the balance!

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  4. Maybe if you put it away for a while you will like it better when you look at it again. I know what you mean though, the same thing has happened to me. Most recently with a quilt I made from Liberty fabrics! It was a friendship quilt and I just don’t like it. Maybe the blocks are too big. I don’t know but I have not gotten around to backing it or quilting it. I feel like it isn’t worth my time since I don’t like it.

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  5. I like it a lot but it’s you that matters here. I’d go ahead and finish it one day when you feel like quilting but don’t want to start a new quilt. I really think that once it’s finished, it will be very nice. I’d bind it in the deep brown with a pretty yellow/brown tiny print floral backing. It will be perfect to grab and go when you need something to donate or gift.


  6. I like the yellow border, but have to admit I liked it before, too. To me, the yellow in all the green and brown reminded me of sunlight coming through the trees. So the randomness makes perfect sense! Now, the yellow border makes me think of walking out of the forest and into a sunny field….it’s all in your perspective, I suppose! 🙂

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