Fat Girl Falls Down Again

I feel I am allowed to make fun of myself.  So, what dumb thing did I manage to do this time?  As I was getting out of my lovely new hot tub, the steps slipped and I went with them.  Falling about 3 and half feet to the concrete.  Let’s see I had a baseball on the back of my head, the underneath part of my arm is black and blue, about a soccer ball sized bruise on my left side rib cage and and equally sized one on my backside.  Also sprained

a wrist and black and blue right kneecap (not sure how that one happened everything else was left side).  Needless to say, everything hurts.  Thank god it was dark out.  I imagine it was quite a site.  Of course my cell phone went flying so I had to crawl to it to call Kev for some help. He spent the rest of the night checking on me to make sure I did not have a concussion. Well, I am pretty sure this will take a bit of time to recover.  Thank God I did not break my arm or wrist. It would have seriously impacted my projects.  Whew.

So, when I am not falling down, I seem to be wandering form project to project, not doing what I really should be doing.  These baby bibs have been laying on my sewing cabinet unfinished for months, so I picked them up and finished them.  I will put them in the cedar chest for my one-day grandchild.  They are up-cycled from my jeans.  I need to be working on my one monthly goal and my quarterly goals, but of course I am doing something else.

This weekend I am supposed to be attending Quilt Wars with my Quilt Guild, however, given my current condition, I am not sure I am going to make it.  I am uncomfortable sitting, laying basically anything.  The only place I am not uncomfortable is in the hot tub and that is what started the whole mess in the first place.  Ugh.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


48 thoughts on “Fat Girl Falls Down Again

  1. LORI – I am so sorry – Not good at all! Please keep in touch! I do like your hot tub set up and so sorry this has happened. It is no fun to hurt and have a sprained wrist! You can purchase some carpeting and glue it down on the steps so that the next time you will not slip on that surface. Just a suggestion!

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  2. When you fall off a horse they say you have to get straight back on, so maybe you should get right back in that hot tub! Maybe have a rail or post or something that you can hold on to when you come down those stairs. I hope you feel better soon.

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  3. Oh Lori, OWWW! I wonder though, if someone is around to help you in and out, the hot tub may actually helps things heal more rapidly? Take care of your self, glad Kevin is working out a permanent solution for you. The bibs are adorable, but don’t over do!

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  4. Hi Lori. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt worse, but I’m sure you will be stiff. I don’t know how old you are, but I just turned 66 and have fallen too many times in the last few years. I read an article that older adults are more prone to loosing balance and falling. I’m thinking you need a banister next to that hot tub!! Love the baby bibs. I’m pretty sure you’ll be sewing before you know it.
    xx, Carol


  5. Oh my, sounds scary. May I suggest you get some of that rubbery rug gripper to put under the steps to keep them from moving …. I have a handrail for my hot tub that is free standing and slide slightly under the tub. Hope you heal quickly

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  6. I’m behind and trying to catch up but this one surprised me. I’m glad you didn’t break anything too. Bruising takes a while to heal as well. Glad to hear the man is working on a solution for those stairs. We don’t bend the way we used to. Glad you got to the group anyway.


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