Block#4- I wish You a Merry Quilt Along

I finally found a reason to use all my metallic threads.  I have been hanging on to them for quite some time.  My late husband and I owned a commercial embroidery busisness manny moond ago and I am thinking that this is why I have a bunch of metallic thread.  Came out not so bad.  When I put my blocks all together, I do like it.  I am designing my 20170901_204923_resizedsashing, which will involve some snowflakes, somehow.  Must keep with my theme.   Looking forward to the next block.

So, I have been doing a lot of sewing these last couple of days.  I find when I have a lot on my mind, or something bothers me, that I find it soothing an/or comforting to just sit and sew.  The kind of sewing that does not require a lot of thinking.  I have a quilt that I am making that has 72 appliqued blocks.  It is farly simple applique, so I found myslef sitting at the machine for quite some time working on the blocks, trying to group by colors since it is scrappy, and rethreading the machine the least amount of times is best for my eyes.

Haapy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Houston Strong



15 thoughts on “Block#4- I wish You a Merry Quilt Along

  1. Oh, I love your block. The metallic threads really set it off. Sewing and quilting is the therapy I use to keep my sanity. When something is weighing heavy on me I tell myself: I think I will just go sew my bad thoughts away. It usually works and I end up with something other than worry lines. 🙂 (still have the lines and wrinkles, just not the worry ones)

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  2. Well Lori you did a great job on the block! I will go vacuum when I am trying to work off steam.
    Of course at night before CTS relaxing was handwork. hopefully I can catch up with you and Peggy SOON! Have a great day.

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