Well it’s a bit better, still not sure though…

I started this project a few weeks ago.  I didn’t like it much.  But, I had already cut the fabric, so , I made a few adjustments.  I was limited in the that Ihe things I could do since everything was already cut.  I also did not have much extra fabric, which was odd for me.  I usually buy way more than I need.  Not quite finished, still have border of the solid green on the bottom and the top and an outer border.  The outer border will have to be a different solid color since I have no more of the green.

My daughter does not like it.  She hates the yellow. It does stand out a lot and the green print just disappears.  It is still oddly intersting.  I will have to see once I get it totally done.  Not much left to do.

Also got my safari quilt pin basted and ready for the actual quilting.  I need to figure out 20170813_185057_resized (1)the exact pattern and practice a bit befiore I begin.  I am also contempating making a storage bag for this quilt since I plan on saving it for my “someday” grandchild.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


34 thoughts on “Well it’s a bit better, still not sure though…

  1. hmmm – I like the yellow but it’s rather bright compared to the other fabrics, and maybe would have looked better with a more symmetrical layout, than scrappy placing. I don’t know all the correct patchwork terms when referring to colours, but it looks like you’ve got lots of very dark fabrics, which all blend in together, and then the yellow.

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  2. The yellow pinwheels do take your eye all around the quilt, though, and I like the odd placing of yellow in the centre square; three cornerstones and then a couple of odd ones. I think having so many yellow squares here and there in the outer border throws it off a little and draws your eye away from the pattern in the centre. I think it’s right to have some yellow in the outer border but I would go for smaller amounts, speckles of it or something, or thin strips or would triangles work? Or maybe just in the corners, echoing the centre square. Like you I do find it interesting to look at because it has movement. It’s alive.

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  3. I read everybody’s comments after reading your post and then studied the quilt for a while. Have you considered auditioning more of the YELLOW for a NARROW framing border next to your wider green border that you have on now? By using the bright yellow again, it should draw your eyes out to the frame and give it more continuity, and balance things out I think. Then follow the narrow yellow with your darker color for your outer border. I’d love to see your planning stages as you audition fabric choices to finish this quilt. I agree with Peggy that it catches your eye and leads you around. (I am a yellow fabric person, because I find it makes things cheerful, and I think it pops you otherwise dark quilt.) Stitch on!

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    1. I got so absorbed by the yellow, I wanted to comment on your safari quilt. Are you long arming or FMQ? My instinct would be to “outline” the animals and the clouds so they pop, and do some small tight micro stippling in the sky, and pebbles on the ground. Just a thought!


  4. I agree – to stop the green and dark colors, brighten it up with yellow border – OR if you really like to rip, take off the plain green side strips and make a border with the greens, etc like the top and bottom and then add a nice yellow border the same size as the top and bottom – does this make sense to you?
    OR take off the top, bottom and side borders, add a border 1/2 the size of the pinwheels. That will stop all the dark and brighten it up. OK – back to looking for the gnomes!

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      1. I had to learn contrast in colors and what it can do to a quilt. Values are another thing that I had to learn the hard way – did a Storm at Sea – 3 colors I thought it was a Blue Ribbon quilt in 2010 that did not happen because another quilt won because they used color values that provided ‘movement’ to the quilt. I then took an online course and learned “value”. I made 2 color wheels out of batiks. One called the Ives Color wheel that has 24 colors and the regular one – think it has 12. Anyway – it really helped. Joen Wolfrom has a book called “Color Play” It really helps a quilter learn about color and their values.
        You might look for that one. I always try to “frame” my quilts. If I do a center, then I change the value and the color to “stop” the center, then move on. Once I finish the quilt, I then look for another “frame” to really put it altogether.

        Have fun ripping if you decide to do that. Enjoy, Later

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  5. What would happen if you took out the squared pieced border at top and bottom…If you have enough of the green to stretch in there…or even a solid green or brown…then you could use those squares for cornerstones…I think it would help even out the yellow. I love the yellow color, but it does like to overpower things a bit…If you have no fabric that fits in those places, keep on keepin’ on…and good luck. I’m sure the finished quilt will be lovely…if not, you can have picnics on it or donate it;-).

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  6. I like it! Personally, I like quilts that are are unexpected. Anybody can follow a magazine pattern or read a book and do what someone else says is best – re color or pattern or size. But I enjoy those that look more spontaneous, and this one has that look! Kudos. It’s a good pattern – did you design it? or is it someone else’s design?

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