Yes, The Fabric Gnome visited me…

So, at my house when socks and things go missing, we say that the Underpants Gnome took them.  This was my late husband Derrick’s version of comedy that stuck.   Gosh I miss him.  He was hilarious.  So, we don’t have the Sock Fairy stealing socks, but the Underpants Gnome. Let me tell you, he is hungry because I have an enormous bag of un-mated socks and underwear with holes (They couldn’t be because they are 10 years old).

So, when I felt slightly guilty about the Fabric package in the mail, I decided that I would blame the Fabric Gnome.  I like him way better than the underpants Gnome.  He left me this fabulous pile of batiks from Hancock’s of Paducah.

So, the folded pile is a sample pack.  There are 40 pieces at least 14×18 (most nearly fat quarters).  It was $19.99.  Holy Cow.  They are very lovely and luxurious.  There a few duplicates, but I won’t complain.  Such a steal.  I am having a difficult time not going and buying more, especially since they sent me a 15% off coupon after that order.  The other pieces are one yards that were $3.99.

Odd thing, I love batiks, but have only made a couple of small baby quilts.  I got these with the plan of making myself a quilt.  How weird is that?  I already have a jelly Roll and was looking for a few others.  This will be perfect.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Beware of the Underpants Gnome

Invite the Fabric Gnome in


23 thoughts on “Yes, The Fabric Gnome visited me…

  1. I love your gnomes, that is so cute. I love those batik grab bags. I ordered one a few months ago and it was awesome. Batiks are my favorite thing to use on quilts, but they run through needles faster than my embroidery machine does. Happy quilting!

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  2. What a deal! You know via Hancock’s of Paducah, if you do not have to have the very latest fabrics, you can get exceptional deals through their sales. I remember buying a beautiful batik for a backing for $3.99 a yard (I needed like 8 years so that was a very good price!) Enjoy the treats from your Gnome!

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  3. After making so many quilts with pink in them, I have been feeling batiki lately. I just got 14 yards of tiger fish batiks to make a fish quilt. The batiks will be the water, and Kaffe Fasset Collective [KFC] fabs will be the fish. I can’t wait to get started! I’ll be watching what you do with yours.

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