Practice Quilting makes quilted Minion potholders and One Monthly Goal-A Finish

So, after my June free motion quilting seminar, I have decided to branch out a bit.  I am going to quilt an actual quilt, in the very near future (could be my August One Monthly Goal Project) with something other than meandering or a version of meandering. Big scary move for me. So, my “Zipper Quilt” top, I want to use a flower free motion design.  However, I plan to do it on a smaller baby quilt first.  I already have that top ready to go.  Just need to get up the courage to do it.

Needless to say, I have been practicing (Using my cheap grill liner as a slider).  All the practice got me thinking.  My square sandwiches looked like potholders.  So, I decided to make my final practice pieces into potholders.  I bought a piece of the special thermal batting.  I made all my practice sandwiches and on the last couple,  when I had the hang of it, I made Minion potholders.  I need to bind them, but I have plenty of binding scraps I can use.  I have found that I make better flowers when I work from left to right and I like them best with 5 petals.  Then. as I bind my potholders,  I can also practice my corners.  I don’t like binding corners either.  Jeez, I have so many issues.  But now, I have a few handmade gifts when needed.

The quilting on my Minion potholders is not too bad.  I hope I can do the same on my baby quilt and then off to my “Zipper Quilt”.  It is hard not to smile at a minion.

20170716_122738_resizedMy one monthly Goal for July was to trim and bind my 9 patch.  Yeah. 20170716_122258_resized Completed.  This quilt has a loopy meandering.  It is not too bad.  Pretty sure I have meandering, and multiple variations of it, down packed.  At this time, I have no plans for this quilt, just glad I can consider it finished.


Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


24 thoughts on “Practice Quilting makes quilted Minion potholders and One Monthly Goal-A Finish

  1. Good job on your July OMG finish and your free motion quilting looks a lot better than my first experience. Everyone told me it just takes practice and they are right. I’m still not great but I keep practicing.

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  2. I am filing away your looping meander and those flowers, they are a great addition to my meager overall quilting repertoire. I need to practice some of those.🙂 great idea to practice on potholders!

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  3. Hi Lori – I love doing flowers free motion and hearts – not sure how you were taught to do them – i have one post on my blog which shows flowers I free motion quilted several years ago – you might like to see it : > )


  4. Love the loopy flowers. Great idea for the potholders. I think minion pot holders will be a big hit. I’ve been making generous sized mug rugs with my practice pieces for the endless cups of coffee I leave around the house and forget to drink.

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  5. Great potholders! Your flowers look good to me. I think you’ll be able to do well with the baby quilt and be ready for a bigger one.

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