A little bit of work….

So, I managed to get the quilt for my Aunt on the long arm. I am about 2/3rds finished. I have to do a bit and walk away and come back to it. Too much standing kills me. I am getting there. Before, I just could not do it. Now I can do some. I’ll take it. I am using my heart ruler and curly q’s. Initially when I started, It would not sew. Screwed around for an hour did some research and figured out I put my new needle in backwards. Duh.

Quilt Police – So, I saw this photo on Facebook and had a good laugh. I am super critical of myself, always. The quilt police would have a hay day with binding like that. Given the true purpose of this quilt, that should never matter. It was made to keep someone warm and I am sure it did a fabulous job at it.

I follow a lot of groups on Facebook and Instagram, mostly for the pictures of quilts. I am sometimes shocked and appalled at things people say to fellow quilters. “Never ever by fabric at JoAnne’s or Wal-Mart. It is horrible quality”. There are quilters out there that can not afford to buy $12-$15 per yard fabric. Our ancestors, including my grandmother, used old coats, clothes, and feed sacks. Quilts were very often made out of repurposed items.

I was once told that the Kona that JoAnn’s was not the same Kona sold at quilt shops. Honestly, not true. I have bought some at both. Each raveled equally as bad. They felt the same. I do not believe the thread count was different. So, yep I used my 60% off Coupon to buy a large piece of Kona at JoAnn’s over the weekend.

I have also purchased Michael Miller fabrics at Wal-Mart. You just have to look.

Someone is wearing a quilt – I did not watch the met gala, but did see photos of this person wearing a quilt. Thought it was amusing. Turns out that this quilt was actually made by someone’s mother. The photo on the right is of it on a bed at their home. It wound up at a thrift shop and was purchased by a designer to make this…..whatever it is called.

The designer did end up contacting the lady who’s mother made the quilt once it came to light. She just wanted everyone to know that her mother made the quilt that this gentleman wore (rapper I think…can’t remember his name).

So, you never know where a quilt that you make might end up! Who would have thought the red carpet……

Senior Moment – Literally. No, not me (although I have plenty). My daughter is a senior this year., Hard to believe. We had Senior Photo’s taken recently. I cried the night before so I would not do it during the photo shoot. Our Photographer took 350 Photos. Crazy. Pretty sure I had one pose when I was a Senior and that was it. I do like the one with the waterfall, but I have not seen them all yet. That looks like my girl the most.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


14 thoughts on “A little bit of work….

  1. Lori! The progress you’ve made is just plain amazing. {{Hugs}} Heck, standing too long kills me too. I have to walk away and sit a spell – nothing wrong with that!! Right?!! You can do some long arm quilting now. Who would have thought when you were counting mailboxes . . . you have persevered and conquered. You are my hero! Gosh, your daughter is just beautiful. I love the picture of her laying in the Fall leaves. Oh heck – they’re all wonderful!! Happy senior year to her. It has to be better that what last year held for those seniors. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. First – lovely photos of your daughter and I am smiling because I have that same book collection she has of the Clockwork series but I have not read them. yet. I love YA books and have a bit of a collection of them (Hunger Games anyone?). Congrats on your progress on that lovely quilt. You are so right about fabric. It was drummed into me not to buy fabric anyway but quilt shops but they are terribly expensive now. What I’ve been doing is finding fabric at thrift stores and a rare occasional quilt shop purchase. Interesting what you found out about Kona. I did not realize it was the same wherever you buy it!

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  3. Your quilting is looking great and I love the pattern and fabrics you used in the quilt. The quality of fabrics that is being sold now is not the same quality that I purchased years ago. I have bought fabric from Hobby Lobby which was good quality. I firmly believe the difference in what they call “the run” or the plain fabric that the design is printed on. I was told that the stores you mentioned sold “second runs” which are fine.

    I only thought the Quilt Police were checking on points being cut off, etc. Humm guess now they judge where one purchases their fabrics! Is Harris doing the Quilt Police checking? LOL LOL LOL

    Haley’s pictures are just beautiful! She has such beautiful hair and that smile! Worth a million bucks!

    It is difficult to let the babies grew up and become adults. I think my Mother was glad I was grown up and gone at 19! LOL. Enjoy the year – it will pass fast, and you are doing a great job in recovery from the back surgery – keep up the great work! And keep on stitching!

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  4. Lori it’s so fantastic to read that you are able to do some quilting now. Your aunt’s quilt is coming along beautifully! Such progress. Haley is just a beautiful young lady. It will be hard to choose photos from the photo shoot. So many pretty ones!

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