Well, How about that….

So, I finished something else. Can’t remember the name of this table runner. I swear it is something with the word “Windows”. As you can see, I am still sticking with small things. So far so good. I am practicing some different quilting techniques.

Interestingly, I have several Bernina sewing machines. I have many attachments that were purchased for me that I have never used. Well, I learned to use two more things. Hurray for me. Only had them about 20 years… I had all kind of ruler attachments for my walking foot. They were very helpful in sewing even lines. I thought the quilting came out very well in this one. Then, I found a box of magnifying glasses that just hook on to the front of my machine. Holy cow. I wonder why I had not investigated this before. It let me see things sooo much better, I kind of feel stupid for not investigating these toys til about 20 years after I got them. Pretty sure my 1st late husband had bought them and he has been gone for 13 years and I know I had all these things before my daughter was born and she is 17. Funny but not funny,

What else have I done?

Shockingly, a project that was many years in the making. Well, not in the making, just thinking about it. My dining room table and chairs is well over 20 years old. The upholstered bottoms have seen better days and have needed to be recovered for years. They truly look like someone has peed on every chair. Well, I have been recovering the seats. I have completed 5 of 6 and my hands are killing me, so the sixth one is going to have to wait a bit. Maybe sometime next week. The hardest part is that each chair had at least 100 staples that has to be removed. My fabric choice is a bit wild, but they look much better, so that will do for now. Ruger is my little photo bomber.

and then there is my situation…

Not much change there. I am still only at 6 mailboxes and have been unable to go on my walks most of the week. I just seem to have an over whelming sense of weakness. Hoping it will get better. Trying to take the long way on anything that I do though. Fingers crossed.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


19 thoughts on “Well, How about that….

  1. I think the fabric on the dining room chair is actually perfect. It makes me think of antiques, and the chair surely has the bones for it! The quilting on your latest project does look very straight, have fun with your “new” toys!

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  2. lovely table runner, and great make over for your dining chairs! I really like the new fabric you’ve chosen, and it has the advantage that new stains won’t show up so obviously!
    I hope you can find the energy to do some more walking to mail boxes.

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  3. Still praying for more recovery every single day, Lori! Your chair looks fabulous, and I LOVE that fabric. Is it upholstery or regular cotton? I need to do my chairs, for the same reason, but I hope they don’t have 100 staples! I will make my younger son help, if there are. LOL Love the table runner. I’ve never had a machine that didn’t have multiple unlearned things with it. As I heal, I should probably try some of those things, too! Even my longarm has attachments I haven’t tried.


  4. So glad you stopped by! Life has a way of getting away from us. Your Bernina gadgets inspired me to check out more of mine. I have those magnifiers as they were “thrown in for good measure”. Hope you can make progress in all the things🙏🏻🙏🏻

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