More Dog bones for My April One Monthly Goal

20170401_135727_resizedSo, this month, I plan on quilting, trimming and binding this piece.  This one is for Kevin’s nightstand.  These three dog bones are  tied to him.  The middle one is Ohio State, of course.  We (especially Kev) are Ohio State fans.  The light colored plain one is actually a shirt he wore that got a tear in it in a place that could not be easily repaired.  Since it was a nice shirt and 100% cotton, I figured what the heck.  Then the last dog bone is dog bone fabric.  I have turned him into a dog lover, so it is appropriate.  Not a big giant project like last month, but still something that needs finished.  I am still piecing the one for my nightstand and then one for his dresser.  I did not use the cling wrap like last time.  I created a template and traced my dog bones on it.  Seems way better than trying to pick plastic out for hours like I did for the last piece.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

Treasure your Family


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