WooHoo I actually made it…The One Monthly Goal

I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it, but I did.  I actually got this quilt quilted.  This is the UFO 20170329_192321_resizedolder than my daughter (who just turned 13).  This Sunday I was going to post an update.  I even had a video, but can not post videos unless I upgrade.  Might have to consider that.  I thought I was going to finish on Sunday, but had sewing machine issues for about three hours. Was just about ready to give up, when I just re threaded the machine and Wala, it worked.  Felt like a total idiot.

So, the quilt is off the frame and ready for trimming and binding.  Not sure of I will make that my next monthly goal or not.  The jury is still out on that one.


Initially, I don’t hate the quilting.  But, as I trim it and see all my mistakes, that will likely come.20170329_192333_resized  I am happy that I decided to do something other than meandering.  I just have to remember not to nitpick.  I did do meandering around the lanterns, but everywhere else I did Bamboo.  Good thing Leah Day has all those tutorials.  While oddly, my lines look a bit straight than hers, this pattern is pretty forgiving.

Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal Finish March Linkup .

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting

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24 thoughts on “WooHoo I actually made it…The One Monthly Goal

  1. And then in a few months, when you’ve forgotten where the mistakes are, you will look at it and love it all over again! I like it quite a lot. Beautiful job.

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  2. Congratulations and have you ever heard of the “Galloping Horse Test”? If someone can see your mistakes on a quilt when they gallop by on a horse, then you got an issue, otherwise all is fine! An old quilt teacher taught me that years ago when I first started. There are so many boo-boos only the maker would notice 🙂

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  3. Nice quilt! Always if having machine trouble, re-thread. If that doesn’t work re-thread the bobbin or even put in a new bobbin. I understand about the nit-picking. I’m that way, but try to ride the galloping horse. Also a time away helps, too. Congrats on reaching your goal, may you continue to do so. !

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  4. Congrats! Haven’t you heard not to let your machine know if you’re in a hurry? Mine only acts up when I am making something I plan on using that day.
    There are no mistakes – simply design elements.
    The only mistake to be made is giving up, and you didn’t do that.

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