An Experiment Gone…….Sort of OK

So, I watched a video of Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company make a self-binding baby blanket.  It looked very cute.  The fabric that she was using was very expensive, and I wanted to try it, but not with anything that can cost a bunch of money in case it turned out horrible.  So, I looked at a bunch of scraps that I had from my great nephew’s dog blanket and decided that I would piece a quick top and then use a piece of fleece for the back.  I gave my daughter all the pieces and told her to lay them out and number them for me (She totally wanted credit for the design).

So, doing the self-binding part was not difficult.  It was actually pretty easy.  The only part I found difficult was quilting this. Fleece has a fair amount of stretch to it, so I had to be careful not to stretch as I quilted.  20160814_185736Her instructions said you could do as little as sew a square in the middle to keep the front and back from coming apart.  I did a bit more than that.  I am not sure if it was good or bad.  I think if I had started at it for a while, I might have come up with a better plan.  I will try it again to see if I can do something I like a bit more.

On a positive note, this was an inexpensive quilt to make.  The front was scraps and the back was a $6 piece of fleece.  There is no batting and it is a very nice weight for a quilt.

Last night I cut out a bunch of squares for my Uncle Donald Quilt.  WooHoo.  I will have a page devoted to Uncle Donald Quilts soon….

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


6 thoughts on “An Experiment Gone…….Sort of OK

  1. That looks like fun! I’m not big on things like fleece, Minkee, even careful with flannel, but it looks like you did a great job, it was quick, and it was cheap! Someone would love to have that for a baby. I am up to 11 UD blocks finished and 2 more ready to put the 9-patch together. I LOVE these blocks!

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  2. So, you made me look! 🙂 I had to go watch Jenny Doan’s video. I think this would be successful if you used a walking foot around the outer edges, moving everything “together”. I am not a fan of that cuddle fabric, but do appreciate the tutorial on the “self binding”. I would think you would have to turn under the edges if you were using a fabric that will fray. Personally, making binding is easy, and I use Susie’s Magic Binding technique where it all goes on by machine. 🙂

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