Ahhhh….What I learned this time…

Quilting is always an adventure.

So I finished the piece that I pebbled.  While I was pretty happy with the quilting on this one (odd for me), I learned a couple of lessons, again.

20160813_210935First, I read a lot of stuff.  There were quite a few people that recommended using quilting gloves.  I could not figure out how that would help me.  So, after considerable time, I ordered a pair.  They actually sat on the kitchen counter until I was half way through this piece (I have no idea why).   I happen to pass by the kitchen counter and grabbed them and holy cow did it make a difference. It was so much easier to move the piece around.  I bought Machingers and they worked awesome.  It was a great $10 investment towards my quilting sanity (I need to stop being so cheap).

20160813_210942Second thing I learned is to pay attention to everything.  I used some scraps from a dog quilt I made some time ago.  I hung onto them because I am the crazy dog lady.  I usually use scrap pieces of batting on these small pieces.  I have a giant bag of them in my sewing room.  So, I grabbed one that was big enough without a lot of thought.  Started he quilting and noticed that it stuck to everything.  I had pieces of this batting on everything.  Looking at it after it was too late, I discovered that it was some sort of odd polyester.  Thinking about it, I found it odd that I would have ever made a quilt with it.  I think it might have been a piece of snow from my Christmas village that someone  accidentally stuck in my batting bag.  So, I don’t like how this piece feels.  It is so lightweight.  But, it has my cute dog fabric, so I will have to use it.  Lesson learned.  Pay attention to everything.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting



14 thoughts on “Ahhhh….What I learned this time…

  1. It’s a great piece. YOU are the Crazy Dog Lady?? I thought I am the Crazy Dog Lady!! I was interested in your sharing your pebble quilting. I am new to quilting…actually just learning to stitch blocks. I love the humor you share here. Finding a piece of Christmas snow in with the batting pieces is something I can identify with!!
    xx, Carol

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  2. Wow – Great quilting! I have never tried anything other than straight lines – but I will give it a try, soon. Thanks for the glove tip, although I am also cheap and really prefer to suffer quite a bit before I make things easy on myself. : )

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  3. Your post made me smile, not in a mean way, but I have learned to pay attention to everything, too. And then relearned it. Again and again. LOL I guess it doesn’t stick to my brain like that batting sticks to fabric. =)

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  4. Hello Lori
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I think your quilting is great, I am just starting to learn to machine quilt, have done very little up to now and need to pluck up the courage to do more than just quilt in the ditch. Have just bought some gloves as well but not used them yet.


  5. I couldn’t live without my machingers gloves! I don’t think I’ve ever made a batting mistake like that before, but I have started quilting on something before I realized that I had basted the backing on backwards! Needless to say, that was not a happy day, there was a lot of picking out stitches and then unpinning and repining!


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