Uncle Donald Quilt(s)



Not Uncle Donald can quilt (which he did) but rather Uncle Donald’s Quilt as a type.  Yes, you need to make an Uncle Donald Quilt. 

 This started when I wrote a post about my Uncle Donald’s quilt .  I do not think Uncle Donald realized that he was creating a leader ender quilt (Doubtful, since it was pieced by hand).  I’m not sure I realized it was one until Susan from DesertSky Quilting pointed it out.  It was always just Uncle Donald’s quilt to me.

 Once Susan started posting about her Unlce Donald’s quilt, I got a bit teary eyed.  Nearly every post she mentioned the progress on her Uncle Donald Quilt.  Uncle Donald and his sister (my grandmother who taught me to sew) are happily looking down.  I am sure that they are just as pleased as I am that someone(s) decided to make a leader/ender quilt and call it Uncle Donald’s quilt.  I know that every time I see the words Uncle Donald’s quilt, I smile and think of them both and how pleased they would be.

 I would love to see/post photo’s of other “Uncle Donald Quilts”.  I now find myself using leader enders more than I have in the past, because I need to make my own Uncle Donald quilt.  My intent is to post my progress as I go, as well as any other Leader Ender quilts that anyone wants to share. 

Please email me your photo’s or links at lannbrewer@gmail.com.

 Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting





12 thoughts on “Uncle Donald Quilt(s)

  1. I think I need to make a uncle Donald quilt out of my fathers and my Pappys flannel shirts. It will be a small one as I only have one shirt from each of my loved ones. It would make a lovely wall quilt .

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    1. You’d be surprised what you can get out of a shirt! If they are long sleeved, you have over a yard in each one. Even short sleeved are close to a yard of usable fabric.

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  2. I’m having so much fun with mine! I’ll send you a photo of my last update. I’m already looking forward to a batik one and my own plaid one. I noticed that not all blocks are pieced the same way, too. I think he was probably supposed to, but when he got one going a different way, he didn’t bother to take it out. And no one made him, either. They were probably happy that he was doing anything. LOL Or maybe they teased him and he got stubborn about it and insisted he meant to do it different ways. =) I like that idea.


  3. I love the honor to his memory that you are giving ! I don’t use leaders/enders on my new machine because I find it unnecessary. My old Brother I had to! I was at a “sit N sew” last week and took my box of 2″ squares and had fun with them, making the beginnings of “something”. Not sure what yet. Uncle Donald’s quilt is an interesting pattern, and they may end up along this line. Right now, they are all back in the “bin” waiting for another sewing day away from home. They are so easy to work with when you can’t concentrate and would rather “visit” as you sew.

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