Seriously…September is over?

You have got to be kidding. September is over this week? Where is time going? I think there is a black hole and all my time is being sucked into it.

I did get some stuff done. The pictured quilt top I have made for my Aunt. I plan to go and visit her this year. She is 94 (I think). She was always one of my favorite people. She is the only living relative (among the aunts and uncles) that I have left. I remember all the trophies for golf she had in her living room as a kid. They also had a pool table and a bar downstairs where we would often play. She was the oldest of my grandparents children. My Dad was the “middle child” Maybe that is why he understood me so well. While this is a scrappy quilt, as I made it I remembered all the other quilts and projects these fabrics were a part of. I think I will put minky on the back so it is nice and soft for her.

I did get other things done. I bound a couple of of table toppers. I also finished up that binding last night on my “Plaid Challenge quilt” for a competition for my guild. I wont show it yet. The contest is the first week of December. Everyone that wanted to participate had to provide a yard of plaid fabric and $$$. I don’t remember how much money. The money will be divided between the top three quilts, I believe. Figuring out what to do with a bunch of weird plaid fabrics was challenging.

On the Neck Surgery recovery…. Still have issues. I may always have issues. Have managed to lose about 30 pounds. I’ll take it. I can walk over 1/2 mile, but some days I can’t do that at all. Need to figure out how to live with changes. Ugh.

Need to get my Aunt’s quilt pin basted.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


13 thoughts on “Seriously…September is over?

  1. Hi Lori! You can walk a half mile?!!! {{Hugs}} It really wasn’t that long ago that you were counting mailboxes and hoping to add just one more on your walk. LOOK at the progress you’ve made. I’m so proud of you. Plus, you’re able to do some sewing now. That’s a huge improvement from just the beginning of the summer. In three months, you’ve made huge strides. Good luck with your Aunt’s quilt. I think Minky as the backing will be so nice. I find myself petting it whenever I come in contact with it. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Well! You are doing great Lori. I am so very proud of you! 30 pounds less is great – I am trying to lose 9 and it is slower than the month of August going away!!!!

    I really love this quilt you made for your Aunt! Need that pattern! Love ya.

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  3. I am thrilled that you are doing better! 1/2 a mile is nothing to sneeze at! you go girl!

    And you are getting lots of stuff done on the quilting front – keep plugging at it!

    Take care!


  4. Lori, I agree with Roseanne, you really have made some huge progress in the past few months! Your walking distance has more than doubled, and down 30 pounds is a huge accomplishment. You are back sewing and blogging, and doing for others. Well done you!

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  5. I agree Lori! September just Poof! Was gone before we knew it. All I can say is Wow! You’ve lost 30 pounds and can walk 1/2 a mile? Congratulations. That is such a big improvement after major surgery. Love the quilt you made for your aunt.


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