and then there is more…..

This is the cutest darn thing…… but I think anything with dogs is cute. I am sure you know, I am a crazy dog lady. I love my puppies. My daughter and I were at the quilt store and I saw the “scrabble” panel. I bought it. These are all my dogs including the ones that are waiting for me over the rainbow bridge. The ones not here with me have a little gold halo over the first letter of their name. I frequently dream about my dogs not here. In my dreams we are sitting around the table talking. My Koko is apologizing to Clover for making fun of her for only having three legs. Darby is apologizing for knocking bread off the counter and eating it. They always tell me I am the best Mom.

Now I need to quilt and find a place to hang it.

I enjoyed the three day weekend. It was not long enough. I finished piecing another table runner. I made about a dozen pillow cases for the Guild’s charity.

I finally got my sourdough starter ready to make bread.

It tastes delicious. Came out as planned.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


16 thoughts on “and then there is more…..

  1. Love, love, LOVE the scrabble piece!!! And to have it honor your pups is just fab. The sourdough bread looks yummy! I remember having a starter many moons ago – how do you start a starter?? Sounds like I could keep it up now, when I didn’t have time or maybe an interest in my 20s. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Your “dogs love” quilt is beautiful. What a wonderful way to honour your dogs passed and present. And I love your description of the conversations you have in your dreams.
    I cannot imagine life without a dog. Over the past 36 years, we have known and loved Modesty, Spike, Bruce and, currently, Huxley.

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  3. What a perfect way to use the scrabble panel. Such sweet memories. As I was reading I could just hear your dogs talking. You made a bunch of pillowcases, too. What a great week or so you’ve had! Your sourdough looks so tempting Lori. Such a fun post!

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