Monumental….and another

So, I guess I am going to to have to be happy right now with making smaller pieces. It is not the worst thing in the world. I do have another larger quilt that is for a Guild competition that I am going to have to figure out how to get quilted. We will have to see. May wait a while longer. Hoping things improve for me.

So, I am keeping this table runner for myself. I have had these fabrics for while and thought they were cute and summery. So, while this piece might look simple, I was trying to learn new things. These are not all straight seams. There is a “Y” type seam in here. Have never done them on quilts (plenty on cloths) but the instructions made it super simple to do.

Also did some straight line quilting. Funny, did it and then watched a video on how to do it. Not necessarily in the right order. I still like the look, even though it is not perfect. I now know a couple of tricks when I attempt this again.

It did take a considerable amount of time for all those lines though.

Still, I think it was worth it.

My Personal Struggle – Not much has changed since my last post (it was really only a few days ago). However, I am trying to work hard at returning to my former self, fully aware that it may never happen. So, I thought maybe I would keep track of my progress here. It is going to sound a bit funny. Prior to my surgery, I was walking 2 miles a day. I was trying to work on weight loss but mostly preparing for a trip I promised my daughter (Europe). She graduates in 2022, and has always told me how she wants to go. I always talk about my mother and her family (Mom was from Germany), so, it seemed like the opportune time to take her. Then I had my surgery and it looks like this trip could be very difficult. So, I will continue to push myself, not only for me, but her.

We are currently using the mailbox method for walking. How many mailboxes can Lori get to? Today it was 6. Yesterday it was 5. So, I guess that is progress. Seems sad that we went from walking 2 miles per day to counting how many mailboxes I can get to. The walk back from Mailbox #6 was hard and painful, but I did it. To put distance in perspective (I do not live in a subdivision), My house sits on about an acre. Most others sit on about 1/2 acre. So, it is a bit further than 6 mailboxes in a subdivision, but not that far.

As for weight loss. I am down about 20 lbs since surgery. A lot of that comes from having to give up gluten and sugar due to the increased heart rate. When there is nothing good to eat, well then you lose weight. I noticed yesterday when I put on my jeans to go out in public that there was plenty of room in them. That is not a bad feeling. I stopped buying a lot of stuff, because no one in the house needs the junk.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


21 thoughts on “Monumental….and another

  1. That is progress on all fronts Lori, good for you! Continue to be determined, and keep after it, you are just beginning to reap the rewards. Losing weight will surely help with the walking, which will help with your recovery. You are beating the odds with every step, and increasing your ability to do the things you love, like quilting. Your table topper is perfect for summer and very cheery!

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  2. Two things, Lori. First, I love table runners, and had a chuckle over how you made the runner and then watched the “how-to” video. Second, I’m a big fan of keeping a journal – just a few short notes to record the highlights of the day – and then when I look back on it, I find little nuggets in it that make me happy or that I can use to remind myself to make changes. Keep on with your positive outlook!

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  3. Bright and cheery table runner. Remember baby steps will turn into running steps. You can do it all! Work to prove them wrong and keep looking for those mail boxes and before you know it you will be able to do them without wearing your out so much. The sugar, salt, and gluten (which is the hardest to give up) will help a person really lose weight but in the end it is worth feeling better. AND of course it is no fun to always eat at home where you can control the ingredients in your food! But you can do all things with the support of God and all of your quilting buddies! Love ya

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  4. Hi Lori! I’m so thrilled to see a post from you. I was going to email you today but couldn’t find your address. I am so proud of you!!! Five mailboxes one day, six the next. That is HUGE!! You can do it, and don’t you dare count yourself out of the 2022 trip. How many days away is that??!! It still June, so you have six months in 2021 and maybe another six in 2022. You know yourself how things can change in a blink. Poof. {{Hugs}} Keep your spirits up – focus on the now and today, and you will be amazed at where you are by September. All of us have faith in you – 515 followers it shows on WordPress. When you’re feeling down, just think of us, lining your road, smiling as you go past our mailbox. You can and ARE doing it, Lori. And that matchstick quilting looks pretty dang nifty, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  5. wanted to cheer you along with your surgery recovery and building up stamina again! You are doing so well, gradually building up with walking distances, and with weight loss. Here’s to hoping that each day you can walk just that bit further, and feel strong enough to start planning that Europe tour, you and and your daughter so want to take!

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  6. Wow! Just Wow! Lori you are doing amazingly well I think. Your runner is just the cutest project and it is a finish. Hurray for the gain in mailboxes. I think it’s a perfect way to track your progress and you are doing just that. The weight loss is wonderful and will help with your continued progress. Count me in as part of the cheering section.


  7. Love the runner! Email me about going gluten free, had to do it about 15 years ago. There are tricks to it, and some products are better than others. Don’t give up on recovery! Healing from back surgery takes time.


  8. Love the runner! Email me about going gluten free, had to do it 15 years ago. There are tricks, and some products are better than others. Don’t give up on recovery! Healing from back surgery takes time.


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