Plaid Challenge Recuperation Top

I finished a top. It took me multiple weeks at a few minutes a day. It is something that would have normally taken me a few hours. It is not complicated in any way.

My quilt guild is doing a “Plaid Challenge“. Everyone brought in a yard of plaid, they were cut up and everyone gets a piece of each to make something quilty.

I found the fabrics pretty ugly, especially all together. I contemplated what I would do with these for some time. I did not want to make something that I would hate. I settled on this carpenter’s star. I thought using black might make it look a little better.

I don’t hate it. I cut this out prior to my surgery. I knew it would be something fairly simple to sew. I started sewing a few minutes a day about a week or so after my surgery. It took me nearly 5 weeks to get this simple top done. I found that very frustrating. I wanted to do more, but just could not.

I tried to use every bit of the fabric. I only had a very little bit left over, so I did not do too bad.

All things considered, I am doing very well according to the doctors. Spinal cord injuries and nerve damage take a long time to recover and may not be 100%. There is not way to know at this point. I do have feeling back in my arms and legs, however I still have some numbness in my fingertips. I am hoping this gets better over time. I am extremely weak, which annoys the crap out of me. I feel like a lazy slob. Super frustrating. I have no patience for this,, but also have no choice. Physical Therapy stars this week, so I will have something new to complain about.

It will be a while before I get back to using the long arm. That takes a bit of effort. I may try in the near future, but just don’t know.

Binding?? Would you use a plaid or stick to black? Let me know what you think.

Happy Sewing

Happy Quilting


27 thoughts on “Plaid Challenge Recuperation Top

  1. Morning Lori – you did a great job on the plaid and love the star – I would, if you have enough scraps sew them together like you did on the top and bottom and bind it in that – it will really make it pop!
    Maybe we will both be back to normal by April fools Day – that is when I get my nerve zapping RF treatment. The feeling may not come back, but you will learn to work around it. They messed up the ring finger on my right hand when the idiot did my carpel tunnel surgery in 2017. (Hum that long ago?)

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    1. Thanks Nannette. One more Doc appt this week and then shold not have to go to any for a couple of months, other than physical therapy. I have some scraps left and some from the riginal piece I submitted. MIght make creating binding my project for this week. It was a long weekend. Haley was working and Kevin went to the Big10 championship in Indy, so I was home alone…..


  2. I think the block design you’ve done here really lends itself to the plaid and, I agree with Claire, I’d go with a plaid binding if you can as it would echo those lines you’ve done above and below the star. Maybe you could alternate the plaid with black if you don’t have enough to go all the way round.

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  3. Lovely work! I assume the doctors have discussed with you supplements and nutrition to best support your nerve healing. But most doctors are not geared towards healing without surgery and drugs. I would strongly suggest if they have not, you look into supplements to help you recover. Best wishes to you!

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  4. Recovery takes time. Don’t rush yourself & before you know it all will be better than before. The black was a perfect background for the plaids. I think plaid for the binding would be nice.


  5. I vote scrappy binding, wishing you the best with PT, while a struggle at first, it will get you back where you’d like to be. I like the quilt a lot, the plaids look good with the black as an anchor.


  6. Plaid binding would be prefect! That’s a beautiful star. Yes, spinal injuries do take time.. it took hubby a year after a spinal injury to be back to almost normal again.


  7. Hi Lori! {{{Hugs}}} a bunch for you. Recuperation is a long process. I know you want to be all better right now but you have to give yourself a break to get stronger and heal. I think you did a marvelous job with all those different plaid fabrics. The black did it’s job in toning down and adding some harmony to the whole piece. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  8. Lori, this quilt is beautiful! I too would go for a plaid or homespun binding, or perhaps a black binding with a flange of plaid?
    Do not rush yourself. Healing is a process. Your body, mind, and spirit have to come together again. It is an algorithm in nature. PT will help the realignment of the physical with the mental. Don’t be discouraged. Every day is a gift, that is why it is called the present. Warm wishes for healing! 🙂

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  9. Lori, YOU ARE NOT LAZY!!!! Let me repeat that: YOU ARE NOT LAZY!!! You are healing and NEED to take the time to rest and recuperate!
    How great it is that you were able to take a few minutes a day to work on a quilt !!! and with a beautiful result!!
    It’s OK to take your time!!!
    HUGS!!! lots of HUGS!!! 🙂

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